Saturday, October 24, 2009


I sent my husband an email early yesterday afternoon:

Long day today.

[insert exasperated sigh]


I prefer brevity in email. Not so in person. It's part of my charm.

Well, I had plans for yesterday. I had plans to wipe out the laundry (meaning: get it laundered and folded - putting away is a whole different beast), bake a cake for a friend, and mop my kitchen floor.

Notta one of those things got completed. Nor did any other general household cleanup. And my house, when my husband walked through the door was - how shall I say it? - TRASHED!

My day yesterday reminded me of a funny little story I'd heard when I first became a mother. I have no idea where I heard it, or I would give credit where credit is due. But, I think every mother I know can relate to this, so I thought I'd share (my paraphrased version of this story) with you this weekend.

A husband walks in the door from work. He takes a quick look around: Dishes fill the sink, there is laundry covering the family room floor, the children are half-clothed, toys are strewn about the house, and there are papers covering every square inch of countertop that isn't covered with dishes.

He sees his wife, and asks her, "Honey, what happened here today?"

His wife responds: "You know how you ask me what I do all day?"

She pauses.

"Well, today I didn't do it."


My dear friend, Crystal, started a "Weekend Thoughts" carnival. You can click over to her blog, Life at the Circus, to participate, or to read other "Weekend Thoughts".


  1. Yup, I think we've all had those.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    Now, put a smile on your face and go mop that kitchen floor (and then fly here and come do mine).

  2. oh dear Sarah... how I can totally relate. But what I tell myself on days like that is 20 years from now when the kids are grown and gone I am positive I will not look back and wish I had cleaned more while they were young. Your a great wife and Mommy... enjoy the weekend, sounds like you need it!

  3. Yep to LifeAtTheCircus. And to Sarah...I remember it well and it so made me laugh.

  4. LOL, I recently had my third baby in three years, so most days are like that for me! Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. MIchelle (Rudy) HarveyOctober 25, 2009 at 9:21 AM

    thanks for letting me know that other moms have days like that. but you have a lot of reasons... home school, three boys, just to start... i have fewer reasons. :) i love your blog.

  6. this story makes me laugh every time. every once in a while i think i should do that but then my type a personality takes over.

  7. That is the PERFECT story to describe motherhood. PERFECT. Love it, Sar! You know how to tell a good one. I love your sense of humor in the midst of it all.

  8. How do you ever survive my e-mails if you prefer brevity? LOL!!! Cute story!