Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Hey buddy, aren't your shinguards supposed to be under your socks?"

*UPDATED*: The winning title, based on your popular vote, was Diana's title of "Hey buddy, aren't your shinguards supposed to be under your socks?" This one made us laugh out loud and it's a perfect title for this photo!

Congratulations, Diana!

Thanks for playing along, everyone!


So, my blonde haired baby - well, my five year-old blonde haired baby - started soccer this year.


This is the first time he's played an organized sport. Which means that this is the first time I've been the Momma to one of my babies playing an organized sport.

Of course, "organized sport" is a bit of a stretch. All six of the itty bitty babes on the field travel in one large pack. It's a free for all. And, it is hysterical chaos. I have more pics to show you. Oh, do I have pics.

And, let me just admit here and now.

I am the crazed one on the sidelines screaming like a mad fool. I throw my hands in the air and jump up and down and moonwalk when my son's team scores a goal. I get a stare down from the opposing team's parents. But, I simply cannot help myself. I have tried. There is no use.

After his first game, I sat down with my computer and memory card and scrolled through the 200 or so pictures that I took of my boy playing in his very first soccer game.

I audibly gasped when I came to this one.

I took this photo with my high power zoom lens and was on the other side of the field, so I have no idea what was going on during this exchange. Frankly, I don't even remember taking this picture.

BUT, this boy of mine, who seems to be in dreamland in a galaxy far, far away during most of the game (much to my husband's head-shaking frustration) and who also seems to have not one competitive bone in his five year-old body whatsoever on that soccer field (much to my head-shaking frustration) - well, was he....w-w-was he... possibly...taunting?

Or, maybe he was just telling them....

Well, that's where you come in. I'll let you all have a little fun with this one. Leave a comment with a title for this photo. Funniest, most creative, unique, catchy title gets put up top.

You can enter as many titles as you'd like.

I'll update this post and put the winning title up top later tonight.

Have fun, y'all.


  1. Are you guys Jedi's too?


  2. Any idea where the bathroom is?

  3. Ok, I admit, she's my mom. But please don't tell anyone.

  4. "Hey, maybe I don't know where the ball is, but I HAVE A REALLY COOL CAMO BULLETIN BOARD in my super cool school room!!"

  5. "Are you guys brothers? cuz I have brothers" :)

  6. "My mom's blog is better than yours."

  7. "Wha'cha say we ditch this joint and head to Chuck E Cheese."

  8. Well, MY mom's camera lens is bigger than your mom's camera lens!

  9. "Sorry guys. I didn't really mean what I said about your team. My mom is gonna blog this, so I have to look competitive."

  10. "Could you make me look good? Mom brought her camera."

  11. "My Daddy can kick a soccer ball further than your Daddy."

    "The Force will help us win this game."

    "I'm Hans Solo. Who are you?"

  12. OH man... Sar... Your other friends have such funny titles, I can't even think of one... but between Jack's posture and that one kids "huh?" face... totally hilarious.

    Here's my, um, attempt:

    "I get snacks after I play soccer."

  13. Hey, look over my shoulder and tell me when she puts that blasted camera down.


  14. ... really, i don't know who that crazy woman doing the moonwalk is...

    hey buddy, aren't your shinguards supposed to be under your socks?

    don't look now, but my mom's taking a picture of us.

    how fun for you sarah. this may be the beginning of many years at the soccer fields. i remember when my son started. he was 5 too. i can relate to your description of a soccer player at that age. jake used to stand in the backfield by himself picking dandelions and skipping around in circles. we had to yell to him to stay focused and yell even louder when the ball and the mass group of boys were heading his way. great memories.

    hey, how are you enjoying the book?

  15. Oh gosh, just read Diana's 'bout the shin guards, ROFL...that's too funny!

    That reminded me of Alicia showing up to cheer without her lolly that you wear under the skirt. You don't want to be the mom of the girl cheering in the skirt with just a thong under it, bawhahahaha! NO, I didn't let her do that, just to clarify, hehe.

  16. 'what are we suppose to be doing?'

    'you're stripey tops are cool.'

    too fun sarah!

  17. The other comments are so hilarious. Love the one by Diana about the shinguards! I have nothing because I just love her comment. By the way,it does look like he is doing a little "trash talking".

  18. I heard someone say it's snack time. Maybe you should go check it out, and I'll stay here.

  19. Did you guys know Santa Claus isn't real? Good luck keeping your minds on the game, now!

  20. "My dad made me wear this jock strap thingy"


  21. Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better!

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