Monday, October 19, 2009

Tiger Woods Meets Happy Gilmore

UPDATE: When I first published this post, my husband emailed me and said, "Your readers are not gonna be mean to you about your drawing. They are too nice."

He was right. And, DAGGONE it if he isn't right about most things most of the time. I have no chance against him. He's the brains in this operation. I'm merely the cook. The launderer. The one who never stops talking.

So, to the nicest readers in the blogosphere - you all are the best.

I chose "Tiger Woods Meets Happy Gilmore" because I LOVE that movie and fell in love with my brainy husband during that movie (I should tell that story!) and because my golf club indeed looked like a hockey stick - albeit a three year-old's version of one.

(The winning comment was from an anonymous commenter - who I just found out was my dear friend, Jill! I loved it!)

Thanks for playing along, everyone!

Here's how it went.

We started school one day last week, and Jack and Max decided that they wanted to be the teachers, and I would be the student.

"You get your coffee, Momma and we will get out the teacher fings." Those were my first instructions.

When I arrived in our school room with nectar of life in hand, Max gave me the assignment of drawing Tiger Woods.

(Max loves golf. He loves Tiger Woods. And, he loves watching golf on the chair next to his Dad every Sunday.)

So, to the best of my ability, I drew Tiger Woods.

After being reprimanded by Max ("NO, NO, NO, Mommy. Tiger has a red shirt.") and finishing recoloring Tiger's green shirt with red colored pencil, I posted my drawing on Facebook.


I admit. This is a train wreck. I have no excuse for the inaccuracies and distortions in this picture except to say:

I HATED ART CLASS. Get me to choir. Or band. But, LET ME OUTTA THIS CLASS!

Because I want to preserve this picture for my children and grandchildren and for future generations of my offspring to celebrate my mad drawing skillz, I thought I'd post it here on my blog and let you all at it.

I can take it.

Give me your best shot.

Leave a comment with a title for this picture. Best, funniest, most clever, most creative, etc. title gets put up top of this post.

You can enter as many titles as you'd like.

I'll update this post with the winner late tonight. Or, if I can't choose, I'll post a poll and let y'all vote for the winner.

Happy Monday, fellow tea sippers and coffee chuggers.


  1. Michelle (Rudy) HarveyOctober 19, 2009 at 10:54 AM

    its just tiger woods salvador dali style... i can totally see it... i'm going to have to think on a title... this needs something really good.

  2. If it satisfied your little critics, who am I to disagree? :0)

  3. Oh my word, Sarah, that's hilarious. I'm not sure this is even a title, but I could not get the following out of my head: if Gumby and Ziggy had a child, he might rake like this. B/c seriously, when I saw that picture, I thought it was someone raking leaves. BAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  4. BWWWAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! I have no words, just laughter! (Not that mine would be any better, I'm horrible at drawing too!)

    Why is his ear there? Or is that not an ear?

  5. Mommy's 1st attempt at drawing humans, she will forevermore stick to stick people. :)

    Thanks for the laugh, I have to admit, your face is pretty good- take this from someone who comes from a family of art people without a creative bone in my body! :) good job!

  6. Sorry girlfiend, my mom always taught me that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

    bawhahahahahahahahahaha! I can laugh though, right?

  7. who am i to criticize? it's better than anything i can draw. for real. my 8 year old has stopped asking my advice on his drawing b/c he knows i am absolutely no help. i can write a story about a drawing... but that's about it.

    that being said, an appropriate title might be, "mommy needs more coffee."

  8. "My big head think if nut fall out tree I hit with club".... of course I am using a caveman accent of sorts...

  9. Tiger Woods Meets Happy Gilmore :)

  10. Cute picture. Looks like something I would draw.
    Let's name it "I'll limber up after awhile".

  11. Sar, I just have to say that at least you will never get in trouble for doing your children's art homework like "some" mother's did. See, there is a silver lining after all :)

    Love you!


  13. Babe, one of the best movie quotes EVER!!!

  14. love the title!

    i can't draw at all - this picture is like a monet compared to what i can do :o)