Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Date Night: The Japanese Steakhouse

My husband and I had a date night weekend before last.

He took me to my favorite restaurant: The Japanese Steakhouse (otherwise known as Kobe in this town).

I don't usually take my camera with me on date nights. (I feel a compulsive need to share that because as you've observed, I do take it with me most everywhere else.)

(My husband graciously puts up with my shenanigans. I love him for it.)

But, I wanted to photograph my favorite restaurant. The food I so love to eat. And, the fun my husband and I have when we share a night at Kobe without children to feed.

I love to eat at Kobe. My husband would choose a swankier place - with a local menu and local food. He has so much more class than I do.

If you've never been to a Japanese Steakhouse, well by golly, you are missing out - as I'm about to show you. It's not only absolutely delicious (and fresh!) food - it's also a rip-roaring good time.

So, I took pictures. And, instead of posting 36 consecutive photos and taking up more web space than should be legal in one post, I made a quick little slide show.

And, I rambled (via captions) through the whole thing. As if you were sitting next to me on the sofa and we were looking through newly developed prints from Walgreens and smudging them with our fingerprints. All the while, you were trying desperately to get away while I exclaimed, "Oh, but look at this one!"

The last picture? Photoshop and I salvaged it from the dark, "Is anyone there?" recesses from which it came. Barely.

But, it shows us doing what we do at Kobe - having a great time together!

Me. My lovely husband.

And, a table full of complete strangers.

SO, here's to a date night full of good food and the one I love.

And, the white sauce. Here's to the white sauce.

*This slideshow plays continuously. If you want to start from the beginning, just refresh the page. Or, click on the slideshow and scroll through til you get to the salad. That's the beginning..."a very good place to start".


  1. I've never been there, but it looks fun - and good!

  2. I love the white sauce , too. What's in that stuff anyway?

  3. ok... so i love Sakura but have never been to Kobe (even though we do have one around here). ironically, i discovered the Japanese steakhouse last year at this time when chuck and i were in Punta Cana for our anniversary - and we went to their Dominican Republic version. same food, same show - but w/ hispanic men who don't do tricks as much as they just use the giant grill and knives as a their drum. it was crazy. but sooooo good.
    now, we go whenever i can convince him to take me.
    and, down here, they call that white stuff "yum yum sauce."

  4. mmm, mmm, mmm. I love me a good Japanese steakhouse!

  5. Mari - GIRLS NIGHT!

    Tracy - I have a friend who says he makes the white sauce from scratch and taste *exactly* the same. I've been meaning to get the recipe - I'll email him today!

    kt - They call it "yum-yum sauce" here, too. Funny! BTW, the Kobe in B-more at The Ave. is AWESOME!! Great chefs there!

  6. Thank you for making me hungry again. I just LOVE that ginger dressing ont he salad. So happy that you all had a good night out!

  7. I know you like to cook, but for those of us who don't, I overheard someone buying white sauce by the pint last time my famy was there!! It's our favorite place to eat, Eli calls it the place that makes fire and if given a vote, will almost always offer it as a suggestion when deciding where to eat!!! Love Kobe!!

  8. Lisa,

    You can buy that sauce at Kobe!! I forget how much it is - they give you a plastic to-go container - I wanna say maybe $5? We would get it and just eat it with rice and chicken at home! LOL!

  9. Sorry Sarah, didn't make it through this post. The tears are running...

    It's Jen's birthday Saturday. It's one of those hard times.

    Glad you had fun...so wish you would have had my favorite waitress there to serve you and her boyfriend to be your chef.

  10. I love these restaurants! There is a little local one that does better food than the chains. Its my Hubby's favorate and I love that I can get sushi and still get the show.

  11. Japanese steakhouses are really popular around here. It looks like yours has slightly different items. I've never seen white sauce or peanut salad dressing at the ones around here (NJ/DE). I've even visited one during my lunch break when I'm having an exceptionally bad day!

  12. That sounds exactly like Hibachi here in Morgantown!! We just got a new one closer to me called Fujiyama. I love that place!

  13. I have been only a few times to a japanese steakhouse, never tried Kobe... you are right they are a ton of fun. I loved your filet comment, I was a bit worried when I saw you went with the veggie meal at a STEAK HOUSE, so glad I am not alone on my love for red meat!!

  14. they've also called that white stuff "shrimp sauce" but i know it has nothing to do with shrimp. i once heard it had 1,000 island dressing in it... but i can't see how!

  15. What are the chances Joey thought you were taking pictures of his crotch rather than the food?

    *snort* :-D

  16. Yum! Such a great experience, and I've found they are pretty consistent from one to the next. The same salad with peanut dressing, soup, and entrees. Looks like a great date night.

  17. Sorry, I wanted to get back here and leave a real comment. I hope you weren't offended. I just had to giggle at the background of each yummy looking food shot!

    We went to a run-down looking sushi bar that had wonderful food. Friends knew about this off the beaten path place and it was excellent. Half of the restaurant was booths to order off the menu and the other half was set up like the place you went. Your pictures make me want to go back, like, tonight!!

    Date nights are the best - and now you can use the same excuse we do! "Parent-Teacher Conferences"