Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Happenings at Short Stop!

I am SO excited to share with you some of the things I've got planned for you here at Short Stop this month!

I love December! I got married in December because I love the anticipation and joy and hope that I always feel this time of year.

I love the baking, the decorations, the snow, the lights, the movies, the family time, the parties. I love it all.

SO, this month, we're gonna celebrate around here! And, you get to be a big part of it.

Here are just a few of the things I've got planned for the next month.

1. Christmas Cookie Countdown. I'm gonna rerun the Christmas Cookie Countdown that the boys and I did last year as our Advent Activity: 25 Days of Christmas Cookie recipes! We are doing some travel throughout this month, so while we won't be baking every day, we will be baking many of these cookies, again, this year! And, since many of you are new to this blog in the last year, you won't have to go digging around in my archives to find my Christmas cookie recipes!

So, every day this month, I'll be posting a cookie recipe. I'm going to add in some new ones to the countdown this year, so be on the lookout for those. One of them is one of my all-time favorite cookies that I shamefully didn't post last year! The audacity! {said in my best Jim Carrey "Grinchy" voice.}

*If you want to have each cookie recipe delivered directly to your inbox, you can subscribe to Short Stop via email on my sidebar. No copying and pasting, no searching through my archives or printing from my blog; each recipe will be in your inbox for you when you need it - or for you to forward on to a friend if they ask for the recipe. You can subscribe via email (or RSS) very easily on my sidebar!

2. GIVEAWAYS! I have some AWESOME giveaways for you this month, too! I was gonna do a week of giveaways, but I figure I'll just surprise you with giveaways throughout the month. You'll have multiple chances to win each giveaway; BUT, each giveaway will only run for a short time, so you'll want to check back often.

OR (again), you can subscribe to Short Stop via RSS or email so you're sure not to miss any of the giveaways!

3. The Short Stop Christmas Cookie Exchange! I am SO, SO, SO excited about this! On December 9th, we're gonna have a Christmas Cookie Exchange - right here at Short Stop!

On Wednesday, December 9th, I will be hosting a blog carnival (oh, help!) - a way for you to share a link to one of your favorite cookie recipes: a family recipe, a link to a cookie you've posted in the past, a new cookie you've recently fallen in love with, a link to another blogger's recipe, etc.! I'll have more details to come in the next few days (on how even non-bloggers can participate!), but be thinking about what cookie recipe you might want to share with everyone.

In the meantime, I created a button for you so that you can share our Cookie Exchange with your readers so we can all get LOTS of new cookie recipes! You can copy and paste the code below right onto your sidebar so that you can let others know about our little party.

I'm SO excited to see the cookie recipes you all make and love! SO, mark your calendars! Wednesday, December 9th is the day we'll be sharing our recipes!

Of course, my kids remain crazy and perplexing and adorable and my camera will be doing what it does best as we travel and play and bake and celebrate and visit the cities we love. And, I'm cooking up a storm in my kitchen this month as well. So, I'll have pictures and new recipes and stories to share with you all month long.

Have I told you how much I love December?

Thank you all for reading my blog! Thank you for your meaningful and touching and hilarious comments and emails. Thank you for your zest for life that inspires and encourages me. Thank you for trying my recipes and letting me be part of your family in that way. And, thank you for the community that you have created here by visiting and sharing your life as well.

I love it that you're here. And, I'm so looking forward to sharing a bit of this holiday season with you!


  1. I was thinking about your Christmas cookie countdown the other day. I'm glad you are repeating it. There was lots of good stuff in it!
    Now I'll have to think about my cookie recipes!

  2. yay, December!

    AND I already have my cookie recipe all figured out. I'm excited to share it!

  3. Thank you for including us non-bloggers Sarah. Looking forward to Dec. 9th.

  4. Wow! That post got me excited about Christmas... I may even be motivated to put up my decorations this weekend! I already know a great cookie recipe to share. Your blog is always a great 5 minute break from my hectic workday. Thanks for doing this!

  5. Awesome!
    Looking forward to the 9th!

    P.S Your pictures from the previous post are AMAZING. They look like they are straight out of a magazine!
    Looks like you had a wonderful (and super yummy) Thanksgiving!

  6. I do actually make a mean cookie or two, but I think everyone should send a sample of their cookies to me and I could then taste each one and give you a report of whether or not they are worthy of posting.

    Think about it. I think it's a great idea! Feel free to get back to me on this. You might include the fact that all cookies must include chocolate ;)

  7. oh i cant wait!!! i am a new subcscriber to your blog and i read back through a lot of the recipes umm yum!!!

    I love Christmas also!!!

  8. I cannot wait!!! I posted your button on my sidebar because I think everyone should do this!!

  9. You're sweet...and not just because you give us stuff...

  10. How are you managing all of this? ;-) What an exciting time it must be around the Shortstop house!