Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Iconic Smile

A few weeks ago, I loaded up my three hyperactive boys and took them to the mah-ket.

There is a one cent mechanical pony ride at our grocery story. ONE CENT!

I wasn't sure you'd believe me. So, I took a picture with my crappy cell phone camera.

And, they say you can't get anything for a penny anymore.

I use the pony ride as a way to reward good grocery store behavior. Some might call it bribery. I say you do what you gotta do.

Good grocery store behavior in our house is defined as the following:

-Not pulling anything off the shelves.
-Refraining from meltdowns.
-Not saying, "Look at that big, fat man." (Been there.)
-Not saying, "Look at that big, fat lady." (Also been there.)
-Staying close to Momma.
-Not spitting.
-Not hocking loogies.
-Not ramming the cart into anyone's feet.

Tall order for little boys.

Let me rephrase.

Tall order for my boys.

I try not to feel condemnation at the grocery store when I see other tots behaving like angels and happily following their Mommas saying, "Can we get the organic granola instead of Froot Loops this time, Momma?" I swear I see the little brownnosers snicker at me after they say it. But, I smile back, knowing that I get to have all the Reese's Cups I want and they have to have carrot sticks.

My boys maintained a praise-worthy level of good grocery store behavior throughout the hour we were shopping, and I was happy that I could reward them with a pony ride.

Jack went first. Then, he melted down when he had to get off the horse. (Grocery store reward system FAIL!)

Then, it was Max's turn.

He hopped on the horse, grabbed the reins, and shouted:

"Look, Mom. I'm Indiana."

And, then he flashed me a "smile".

The people who were checking out next to the pony ride burst into laughter.

I didn't think I'd be able to write exactly what he did, or why it was funny. At least not the way a picture could tell it. SO, I pulled out my cell phone and asked Max to do it again so I could take his picture.



I, along with Max's audience at Meijer - we say he's got Harrison down perfectly.


  1. LOL! We love the pony rides at Meijer too. And it's a very effective bribe here as well. I've had to tell Abby though that on her next birthday she'll be too big to ride it anymore - her legs already dangle way down on the sides. Hannah has re-named the pony from 'Sandy' to 'Chocolate' so now whenever I take Becca and she rides it, she calls out "Go Chocolate!" and everyone gives us strange looks. But hey, all of that only costs a penny... :)

  2. My kids used to love those 1 cent rides too. Such fun!
    But - where is the picture of Max? I don't see it.

  3. Mari,

    Not sure why you wouldn't be able to see it?? Hmmm...if anyone else has that problem, let me know!

  4. that's awesome! My 4 year old saw a "little person" the other day and asked me if he was an elf. oh dear. at least it wasn't too loud!

  5. Does he know yet that Indi and Han are the same guy?

  6. The horse bribe works here, too. Except ours is free! Still, I'd pay a penny if it gets us through the store!

  7. so cute! and yes, i see the resemblance.

    we also have the 1 cent pony rides at our grocery stores. and i, too, (along with most shoppers) use it as a reward. i think it's great that the stores have these.

    in case i don't get another chance... wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  8. Michelle (Rudy) HarveyDecember 23, 2009 at 9:47 PM

    wow! that's awesome! and thanks for letting me see that your kids have melt downs and embarrassing grocery store behavior... today was terrible... and the little boy of mine made my day very difficult... glad to know i'm not alone out here. :)

  9. Love this post. Hilarious!

    "I get to have all the Reese's Cups I want and they have to have carrot sticks." Bah ha ha!!!!

    Patrick had a candy cane joe joe (I heart Trader Joe's) for breakfast this am, and I asked him if he was exercising his right to be an adult.

  10. That is so freakin' awesome. I'm so glad you got that on camera.