Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Kitchen Countertop "Paper Junk Randomness" Takeover

I have never claimed to be organized. I struggle, struggle, struggle with organization. In just about every area of my life.

Where to put things.
What to save.
What to throw away.
How to organize mail.
Where to put magazines that I wanna read but don't know when I'll get a chance to read them.
Where to put things I don't want the baby eating or destroying.
What to do with my kids' church papers.
Where and how to store memorabilia that my heart simply can't let go of.

Because I struggle with this, one area of my kitchen countertop has become the catch-all for all sorts of stuff/junk/paper/randomness.

I took some pictures. Now, before I show them to you, this is the cleaned up version of my countertop. I went through before Christmas and kind of cleared out some stuff. Threw away a bunch of junk.

So, this is the organized state of the mess, if you will. It's a mess - but, it's currently wearing a big oversized sweater to hide the pudgy unsightliness that's hiding underneath.

Here it is.

See what I mean? It's just this catch-all of random stuff. The baskets of randomness? I spy magazines, a tape measure, batteries, a Bible, walkie talkies, our tax stuff. Just to name a few.

Last year, I bought this black Pottery Barn thingy that's supposed to keep me organized. Instead...

I mean really...that was from over a year ago.

It's just that everything looks terrible. I know what organized looks like. I just don't know how to get there.

This is the other side of that counter. I store my cookbooks here, and yet, papers and magazines and wires to electronic devices still pile up here. That green thing? It's a bug zapper from the boys' Grandmother for Christmas. I refuse to let it live on top of my cookbooks until spring but it's not a toy they can play with now so it's just up and out of the way.

So, I thought I'd ask you all for help.


1. Where and how do you store your mail? Bills waiting to be paid, coupons to clip, magazines to go through? Do you have a system?

2. How do you store your kids' memorabilia? First haircuts, school pictures, special papers, momentos?

3. When visiting friends' houses, I have learned that just about everyone has temporary messes of junk. Like the stuff that comes in and it needs to be gone through and it can't always be gone through on the day it comes in.

What do you do with the temporary mess? Do you have a big bin to shove it in if company's comin' over? (This is how my mind works. It's the root of my disorganization issues.)

I would so appreciate any and all suggestions: The way you do things, tips that have helped you, storage containers you use, ANYTHING!

Thank you in advance for your help!


  1. I stack it all on my kitchen counter and every so often when the pile drives me nuts I go through it and throw out the trash and file whats left. I'll definitely be checking back here to see what pointers you get.

  2. i really like how your pottery barn thingy doesn't have pictures in the slots. mine sat empty for months and months!

    oh, and a certain area of my kitchen DEFINITELY looks like that most of the time, too. bills, coupons, crayons (why do i need crayons?) adoption papers, candy, meds, an ipod or two, and much much more all seem to congregate in 4 sq ft of kitchen counter. love it.

  3. I actually thought your little corner of "stuff" was far better than my JUNK! I have a huge issue with this, too! I have never figured out what to do with mail and magazine, etc.. I've tried baskets, bins, and more. I just can't get it together!

    You are blessed with far more counter top than I am, but then I would fill more of it with more JUNK!

    HELP me too!

  4. My kitchen is small (well, my house is small), so we can't tolerate much clutter. As soon as I get the mail I throw away all junk mail and take the bills straight upstairs to my desk and put them in a "to be paid" file. I don't have children, but I do have a husband who loves video games, but he keeps his messes stored in a leather ottoman. (It's like a grown-up toybox.) When company comes, we throw everything in a pretty basket or a canvas bag and carry it upstairs. Then the mess sits there for um, like 6 months...

  5. 1. We use those stackable inbox trays with one for Honey, one for me, one for stuff that needs to go in the filing cabinet and one for stuff that needs to be shredded and keep it on top of a cubby unit in the play room. It's not perfect but is the best I've come up with so far.

    2. I found the most wonderful solution for my kids childhood mementos - a baby keepsake box. Most of them have a drawer and a top compartment where you can put things like locks of hair, hospital id bracelets, etc. Try to get one that is a little deeper, more like a hat box instead of a shirt box size. Then put stuff in it right away.

    3. It is a very rare thing to have company at our house.

  6. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Oh. You're serious. LOL

    My kitchen is never organized. My husband and I struggle with this very issue. Mail/paper is the bane of my existence. Anything that is junk goes into two piles - throw or shred. I try to not keep catalogs unless it's something I love. Magazines go on the coffee table until I can get to them.

    I have an area in our den with covered boxes - the letter size ones with the label that shows. There is a box for each kid, a box for pictures, a box for memory stuff that I intend to scrapbook, one for cards from any occasion, recipes, warrantee/receipts, etc. You get the idea. I have them stacked up on high shelves to keep them out of the way and out of the reach of kids. When any of the boxes gets full, I sit down and go through it and try to figure out what to do with it.

    I decided when we were married that our cabinet drawers would not become "junk drawers". We had two of those growing up. I have two small plastic drawer sets - one in the kitchen - one in the broom closet - to keep that junk. When they get full, it's DHs job to sort through them.

    The bin thing cracks me up. I love bins. My craft and sewing and teaching stuff is stored in bins. I learned to buy the see-through kind so I can find things more quickly.

    Sigh. When we win the lottery and build our dream house, there will be a place for everything. LOL (We don't play the lottery - it's our family's inside joke.)

  7. I can not help and do not have the guts to post pictures of why as yours looks better.

  8. Trying to comment when I can but you know I was all about this one.

    You know how much I love my numbered bill sorter from Target -- totally and completely helped me to be more organized. Stuff to file goes in a drawer until I can get to file it. I file about every 6 months because I hate to file. Junk mail gets shredded and goes in the trash right away. School work goes in a box in a cupboard, keepsakes go in boxes under their beds (nothing fancy -- they each have their own Rubbermaid box that sits under their beds with childhood keepsakes). Seasonal toys go in the garage or deck storage box. Coupons go in a bowl on top of the fridge -- I sort through it right before every grocery trip.

    What it all boils down to is this: everything *can* have a place. You need to decide where that place should be (based on how your house is set up) and then just do a quick sort twice a week. I do have one small pile that sits on top of my counter (mainly catalogues and school correspondence) that I go through and purge weekly. And I have one junk drawer that holds all the stuff that doesn't fit into a "category." Dave makes fun of me about my junk drawer and my response is, "You've got to give me one drawer in the house. One drawer that can be completely a mess to everyone but me."

    Anyway, I say you and I give the kids to the men for a Saturday and I get to come over and help you purge/organize until you find a place for everything. Or we give the kids to the men and just have a Sat off. ;-)

  9. Talking about memorablia... I'm waiting until I'm retired - then I'll do that...

  10. I don't think it is all that bad. I had similar problems until we moved this summer and had a chance to organize. I have a divider that sits on our counter that I put our bills in. Junk mail is immediately pitched. I bought a magazine holder (which is brown rattan and matches our family room) at Michaels that sits next to the couch. When I have time, I'll look at them, but if it starts to overflow, I just start pitching them from the oldest date. For memorobalia(sp?), I scrapbook, so I have a small rubbermaid bin I keep upstairs in the closet. Mind you I haven't scrapbooked in almost a year, but everything is put away. If you don't have closet space, they do make flat rubbermaid bins that fit under beds. Good luck and don't be too hard on yourself!

  11. I am working on this. We have a few little pieces that are working, but we're definitely not "there" yet.

    Our "basket of randomness" is a small piece of furniture I bought for $5 at the thrift store. I have no idea what it is - a night stand, probably. It has a drawer in the bottom, then a little open shelf. Our water filter sits on top. The shelf is where I dump my keys and stash my purse. In the drawer goes all of the paperwork, etc. that needs to go downstairs. (We have bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen/dining areas in the upstairs. Everything else is downstairs.) It's easy to access but out of sight, deep enough to hold things that aren't flat like papers, and contains everything until I can take it all downstairs at one time. (And in the meantime if I need something, I still know where to look.)

    Downstairs by my desk is where I actually handle all the paperwork, though. Magazines get a Post-It note stuck to the front, then put by my bed. As I read, I make note of page numbers where I need to tear pages out or make a longer note, web addresses, etc. When I'm done, they go downstairs in a magazine file next to my inbox. When I get around to it, I go through the sticky note with each one and do whatever is appropriate with it, then either keep (rarely) or toss the magazine. Everything else goes into my inbox until I deal with it, and I use David Allen's "Getting Things Done" system for that.

    My daughter has her own "inbox" for artwork. If I find it lying around, she's reminded to put it where it belongs lest it get thrown away. Periodically, I have her go through it and toss it. (My other daughter is too little yet to know if I throw away her "drawings.")

  12. We live in a reasonably small apartment and I'm a clutter-phobe, so we've gotten really good at this!

    1. When the mail comes, go through it RIGHT AWAY. Recycle any junk mail. File any bills in an appointed spot and--most importantly--pay them on a regular basis to avoid buildup (and late fees!). We normally stack magazines in a neat pile on the coffee table where we'll be sure to see them and read them promptly. Have a place for any letters or other items that need to be responded to but aren't bills.

    2. Purchase (or make) a keepsake box for children's treasures.

    3. Put toys and other things that can't yet be utilized (like the bug zapper) in a place that's out of sight but won't lead to the item being forgotten. We have a shelf by our washer and dryer.

    4. Declutter regularly. This is probably the most important step. Every night before I go to bed, I just do a quick pickup through the house. Put toys in a basket or two. Straighten magazines and other papers that have collected over the course of the day. Once you get into the habit, it's really easy.

    Hope this helps!

  13. I go through the mail right away. The junk goes in the trash, The bills go on my desk, or in a file in the front of my filing cabinet (the fact that I have a filing cab means I'm ahead of the game already!) The stuff to be shredded goes in a pile by my shredder that hubby gets around to every once in awhile.

    I have a set of 3 plastic drawers labeled (see there, I'm a labeler too!) "family, E, Em" for school pics, souvenirs, etc. Things go in there right away even though I may not scrapbook for months.

    Magazines go in a basket in the bathroom. Ipod stuff is in a basket on the piano. Handheld video games go on a spare chair in the dining room (just cause it's near the door).

    I've found a great way to save the kid's artwork, church papers, etc is to scan them. Then you get to keep them without keeping the fire hazard, um... clutter.

    I love to be organized! You should see my sock drawer...

  14. I'm subscribing to these comments because I too need help! Thanks for asking!

  15. (1) I love, love, love organizing and would love to come over and clean your counter. Seriously.

    (2) My sister makes her own upright paper holders by cutting cereal boxes into the proper shape and covering them with wrapping paper.

  16. your kitchen looks fantastic compared to mine!!! i've tried so many times to get organized, but no luck. sorry i can't help. but i have bags of old bills, a monthly dry erase calendar that is two months behind, a weekly dry erase calendar that is oh, five or six weeks behind. i also have this fab family filing system i created, that lasted not even a day. and i have a desk and kitchen counters covered in JUNK. and that all is after i have thrown away the junk mail. oh dear. i hope someone has the answer to organization. i flip through magazines and just want to cry when i see all the pretty bins where everything has a place. it's so perfect and so what i desire to have...

    anyways, sorry i have no tips, but i hope i made you feel better about your "mess." :)

  17. This is something I struggle with too a lot. Your 'junk' is actually very well organized - I'm impressed! At least it's out of the way. Mine seems to end up all over, and we have very little counter space to begin with. I wish I had good advice for you, but I'm reading through all the comments to learn some ideas too. :)

    I do have a system for the kids' stuff, finally. I keep birthday stuff, mementos and such in a plastic tub under each of their beds. School stuff goes in there too after I go through it. I take digital photos of all their papers and only keep a few that are really special.

    As for bills, I wish I had a system other than them taking over my counters... Sigh. I generally try to at least have neat stacks if people are coming over but there's no place to hide it all.

  18. 1. The first step to getting a handle on the mail is to opt out of junk mail (I forget how I did that but you can Google it) and to do ALL regular bill-getting and bill-paying online. It changed my life. Some days there is NOTHING in my mail box. Oh the joy. I have a filing system that has worked well in the past, but since we moved (ahem - TWO years ago) I haven't organized my space and supplies well enough to get a good handle on it again so my desk is a mess most of the time. I can easily put my hands on anything I need, but the clutter makes me nuts. That's our top-priority project for the new year. I will email you my system sometime. This is going to be long as it is.

    2. Each of my girls has a file box - yeah, the cheap kind from the office store. Someday I'll upgrade to nice girly ones but it works for now. They're in the top of Elizabeth's closet but if I had more space I'd probably keep them more easily accessible. At the very least, keep a labeled bin or something handy as a temporary holding tank until you can separate out the stuff according to which child it belongs to. ONLY the boys' mementos go in there, though!

    3. And this might surprise you, but I think the "company's coming" bin idea is great (LOL coming from me!). Since I generally can't stand clutter whether company's coming or not, there's usually not much for me to grab and hide, but from time to time I resort to a large shopping bag shoved into the garage, only to find it a couple months later and wonder why I hadn't missed that stuff (maybe because I need to get rid of it!).

    I think everyone struggles with organization. I'm pretty organized in many ways, but there are areas that I'd be loathe to open up for inspection. I don't (or can't) always follow them, but there are, in my opinion, three most important keys to successful organizing:
    1) Don't be afraid to GET RID OF STUFF. The less you have, the less you have to organize and take care of. Having never lived in a large home during the entirety of my adult life, I've successfully eradicated whatever pack-rat tendency I was born with.
    2) Make sure that EVERYTHING has a place. You have zero chance of ever getting a handle on clutter otherwise. If you don't know where something would go when it's put away, make a place. This can take some time and planning, of course, and depends largely on number 3...
    3) Invest in the right storage and organizing supplies. The good stuff (durable, effective and non-ugly) isn't usually cheap but if you have the money then don't hesitate (and it's not usually found at Pottery Barn either - as good as their designers are aesthetically, they're not organizing and storage experts). Your reaction to that Le Creuset dutch oven was similar to what mine would be if Brett took me and a generous budget to the Container Store - LOL! Actually, for Christmas this year I did ask Brett for a pretty, organized home office (which is the large closet under our stairway and presently shares space with coats, sporting goods, cleaning supplies and the hot water heater). We haven't started on it yet since Brett's been working crazy hours for the last few weeks, but I can't wait!

    Oh my gosh, I just wrote a book. Hope it helps a bit.


    P.S. I'm also putting together a Household Binder. More about that another time...but check out for more on that, and other awesome things.

  19. As busy as you are with those little ones.......I'm impressed with what you've done to organize.
    I have a 'miscellaneous' drawer too!
    My concept of being organized is to have different areas to put certain things all the time so I know where they are. Then I work on a different area when I have time to impress myself and make 'Me' feel like I've accomplished a big thing.:)
    I say as long as I know where it's's organized!!!!

  20. oh my word, sarah
    you need to come over for coffee. for real.
    this is my passion (sad is it is for me to admit it) and i can not squeeze it into a comment.
    maybe i can work it into a fb email.

  21. Did you know that Chis Manion is an organization gu-ru? She spoke at a ladies convention that I went to and had amazing tips on how to get your life back. So basic.... might be worth giving her a call. I have no clue what a house call would cost for her to come....but she is absolutely amazing. She's have your counter back in no time!

  22. The key is to touch everything as few times as possible.

    It is so very easy to open one piece of mail and shred it or file it immediately. It's easy to sort and put away one day's worth of mail right away. But if I add it to a pile or throw it in a box and file once every six months, it takes FOREVER! I have the same philosophy for laundry. I do not have a hamper, and I do not sort colors. Clothes go straight from the body into the washer (the advantage of a small apartment), and when the washer is full, the soap goes in and I turn it on. Dirty dishes go straight from the table into the dishwasher. It's much easier to do a couple very small things each day than to waste a Saturday doing 10 loads or filing a million papers!

    I love little gizmos like this to help keep phone/ipod cords and chargers looking neat, and turns your outlet into a cute storage shelf for them. They're $5 and Schuler in Grand Rapids has them:

    We have one junk drawer in our kitchen for those inevitable misc items, with a bunch of those little drawer organizers so I can keep things contained. The problem with out-of-sight storage is that it's easier to let it get out of control then if you have to look at the mess. Just yesterday I went through the junk drawer and threw about half of it out. I organize the junk drawer about once a year and I had not ever, ever used some of that stuff. If I have never used it, then I will not miss it!

    We have a little mail organizer with key hooks by the door, so all non-bills get recycled right away. We keep upcoming concert tickets in one of the slots and bills to pay in the other. Once bills are paid, they get filed.

    I gave up on trying to make myself a scrapbooker. I'm not. I keep all the memoribilia--cards, notes, drawings, pictures, ticket stubs, etc.--in clear plastic tubs in the closet, labeled by year. New year, new tub. Just open the lid and toss stuff in. That way, if I ever do become a scrapbooker, things are more or less organized.

    It also helps to treat the cause, rather than the symtoms. If you can find ways to have less stuff coming into your home, you will have less junk to clean out of your home and more time to enjoy life.

    We stopped subscribing to all but one magazine. We had about five or six subscriptions, and we never read them all. At $20 each, we immediately saved over $100, and it way cut down on clutter. If I actually do have any spare time to kill, I check out my favorite magaines' websites and catch up on articles that way. You can also ask banks, credit card companies, etc. to turn off paper statements and just email you when your bill is due, so you can pay online.

  23. Sadly, my counter is similar. I have a basket full of a bunch of crap (sorry, it is just a mess) and then random stuff on the counter that gets dropped there.

    I do go through my mail right away but honestly, it doesn't help. My WFMW actually is similar because if I could figure out how to manage and organize my bills, that would be one less stack on my counter. :) Good luck!

  24. Sorry, I got nothin for you. Because to tell you the truth, my house looks worse. We've got temporary piles all over. Good luck trying though. I think I've resolved to the fact that I am just not organized and I can keep trying, but it will probably inevitably end up the way it was. Let us know how it goes.

  25. i love you but your counter is making me hyperventilate. i do not function well when my kitchen is cluttered.

    i just rearranged a bit so now my cookbooks take up a shelf in the cupboards. we have a "mini" office that was built in the kitchen where i keep a longerberger basket for that has two large slots and two little slots. i pay the bills as soon as they arrive and file in the office (which is now lance's space). magazines if i knw i am not going to get to them they get tossed immediately. if i am going to read them then i put them in a basket under the coffee table. if they are there over a week they go because i am not going to get to it. i am not a saver so that does help. the kids school work goes in a rubbermaid tub in the garage. that is on my spring/summer to do list to sort and organize. i have a shelf in our bonus room closet where i keep my photos/scrapbooking stuff and i have files for important papers, tickets, hospital bands, etc....

    if i lived closer i would come over and do it. i love to do that stuff!!! good luck.

  26. You totally could live in my house. I have kitchen counters that look just like yours.

    One thing that has helped: all bills go immediately into an open shoe box that lives on the bottom shelf of the kitchen cupboard above the phone. Then they don't get lost in the rest of the paper piles. The checkbook, stamps, and calculator also live in that shoebox.

    Someday I dream of owning this thing I found online called House Your Mail. (I am in no way affiliated with this company!) I haven't convinced DH that it will end our mail clutter, though, so he doesn't want me to waste $$ on it.

  27. All of these comments made me want to hyperventilate because it seemed to make something simple be really hard. :) I know I shouldn't comment because I don't blog, but everything, absolutely everything, needs to have a place where it belongs when you're not using it.

  28. ok, so my kitchen counter looks very similar.. and oh have you seen my minivan... it is a disgrace?

    i do have a few things that work for me somewhat, even though I am far from one of those organized, perfectly cleaned homes...

    we hae a filing cabinet which i use to file all the bills, reciepts, etc that we have to save... before they get paid they typically sit by the laptop on the counter... then when they are paid we write paid on the top and the date and they are suppossed to then go straight to the cabinet...suppossed to.

    I gave the kids each a binder for their SS papers, they can punch holes in them and keep them there to look at. That worked for awhile. Then when that stopped I let them keep their papers for one week and by the next Sun, they had to go in the recycling.

    I have a file for precious pictures, letters, things they do that shows milestones, that I just stick in those precious things I don't want to let go of... one big one for all three kids now, with names and dates written on back... eventually will sort though it more.

    i have a junk drawer and a few other emptish drawers that i use right before company comes. :-)

    i guess i wasn't that much help to you... but you aren't alone... does that help?

  29. While you admit to not be organized, I admit to be quite organized. I know, it's sounds like I am bragging, but I really am quite organized. The key, throw stuff away. Obviously, I keep important things, but I throw away quite a bit. Instead of bringing the mail right into the house from the mailbox, first walk over to the garbage can. Don't let junk mail even get into your house.

    As for how I keep bills, they get clipped together and hang on a hook on the wall by my computer. If you have bill pay through your bank, you can eliminate paper bills quite easily.

    For the special things from my boys, I keep a box in the top of their closet, one for each of them. They are just old diaper boxes labeled "Jack's Special Box" and "Van's Special Box". In there goes haircut remnants, old soccer jerseys, first shoes. Paper from school or drawings get put in their file folder in my filing cabinet. When that file gets full, I put those things in page protectors in a binder. Once again, don't add things to their pile of special stuff without deciding if it's worth it. THROW AWAY as quickly as it is put into your hands if you know you don't need it.

  30. Wow - you've got lots of answers already~!
    I have a wooden rack with two slots that hangs in my pantry. One slot keeps bills that need to be paid, another keeps things I'm thinking about ordering, small catalogs...
    I have a basket on top of the frig where I put papers I will need soon and magazines that I haven't read yet. I have some different file folders in the office, one for tax things, another for reciepts, another for user manuels...
    When my kids were small they each had a rubbermaid container that their special things and papers went into. At the end of the school year, we cleaned it out and a few things would be saved to go into their regular boxes.
    However - the best laid plans... I still end up with stuff on my counter!

  31. A file cabinet or a file box.

    I have a two drawer one and I'm amazed at 2 things - 1. I actually have both drawers pretty full. 2. What a difference it makes in taming the paper monster.

    My folders have labels such as "Christmas card list", "homeschool magazines", "church newsletter" "bible study contact info" "fun things w/ kids (for things such as a festival or museum that I see an ad for and I think 'that might be fun') etc... It works beautifully. I can actually find things! I try to not keep a "to be filed" stack - just do it. And the folders need to be cleaned out once a year or so, 'cuz I don't need 5 year old church newsletters! :)

    And to give credit where due- I got the idea from one of my all time favorite books called Getting Things Done by David Allen.

  32. No tips-for me it's the downstairs desk that gets crazy! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award on my blog!

  33. I have a junk drawer.

    I read my magazines pretty much as soon as I get them and then I recycle them. My husband hates magazine clutter, and if I let it pile up he would probably make me cancel subscriptions. If there is a recipe I might tear it out, but since most mags have everything online now too, I don't worry about it so much.

    Bills have a designated spot on our computer desk, Husband pays them, and shreds them or saves them for the month, we have a designated spot for paid bills too (stapled together and put in a drawer). But since we pay online and use Dave Ramsey's budget software keeping bills is not really necessary anymore.

    I am pretty heartless when it comes to saving stuff. I keep very few things. Right now the school papers I want to keep fit in a folder in the junk drawer.

    Honestly, paper/stuff clutter is a big pet peeve for me and my husband, so between the two of us we try to keep it very minimal.

    I sort my mail when I bring it in, as often as possible. I usually get junk in the recycling bin before it ever gets in the house.

  34. i have a similar desk in my kitchen and it looks pretty much like yours. even after i clean it all up (like when company comes over), it only takes a day or so to look just like it did before.

    and when company comes over.... i throw it all in a box and stick it in my room - where it might sit for a week or more.

    i feel your frustration, sarah. i really do.

  35. I NEED HELP WITH THIS! Please re-post this tips in a post when they're all together! PLEEEAAASSSEEE??? ;-)

  36. Sarah- I saw these in target today and thought of your post. They are called Post-it Pockets. They are basically very pretty printed file folders in different sizes that have a sticky side you can stick right to the side of your fridge. They come in receipt, letter, and bill sizes. They are super cute and look super functional. Right up your alley!

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