Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Poem for Jesus.

When I feel alone. You're here.

When I'm tired and nauseous. You're here.

When I'm overwhelmed. You're here.

When the laundry piles are bigger than my will to launder. You're here.

When I feel defeated. You're here.

When I cry out to you. You're here.

When the lights go off and I can't sleep. You're here.

You're no longer on the cross. You're here.

You are Everlasting God, Friend to mothers, Giver of all good things, Lover of my soul.

Every minute. Every long and exhausting day. At every meal. In every struggle. You're here.

You are all I need.

Again and again.

You are all I need.

Thank you for never leaving me.

A daughter you love
carrying a child you love,



  1. What a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. OH, Sarah... It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing your difficulties with us.

    Wish I could come over, give you a piping hot cup of cocoa, a big hug and watch girly movies.

    Hugs from the other side of the lake... with prayers for strength as well.


  3. Praise Jesus! You keep preaching truth, girl!

  4. Even when I was deep in the pit...He Was There! He reminded me daily.

    Thanks for sharing this. We all need the reminder of the faithfulness of the Father we serve.

  5. You have a beautiful way with words girlie. Thanks for sharing your heart with us today! Praise God that He is here with us! Love you!

  6. How very special is from the heart and beautiful....thanks for reminding all of us !!