Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let Him Eat...

So, what was my sweet baby munchin' on in the pictures I posted?

A whole bunch of you guessed it right.

Cheetos, baby.

I tell you what. There is good reason I've never let my little buddies eat those things.

I practically had to take this child from highchair right to the bath. That orange, powdery stuff? It doesn't come off of anything easily. My baby had orange stained hands for two days.

But, seein' my littlest boy happily smackin' his lips and enjoying every minute of his mid-morning snack?

Oh, I don't know. It is just a bath, right?


  1. I've waited all day for this and it was so worth it!! Woot! Woot!

  2. Ah! Cheetos! Yes, that makes much more sense than my guess! You are an awesome momma! What's a bath, but more fun for the kiddos anyway?!

  3. I guessed Doritos, but honestly, Cheetos were my childhood's favorites. I remember hiding them in my sandbox and eating them 3 days later... I can't believe I did that, but I still remember it gave them a very "earthy" flavor. And I had to take medicine to get rid of those worms. Of course.
    Don't worry though - I'm pretty normal nowadays. I'm a music teacher - and I teach after-school cooking classes to my wee ones - not in the sand box. Promise.

  4. By the way, you should import your Cheetos from Brazil to get rid of the orange. They're not as orange down here. I'd say, they're yellow. I suppose it's because our cheese tradition is more towards yellow cheeses, rather than cheddar. Go figure...

  5. My kids lived on them! Of course I they never knew the proper name for them and called them "cheesies" until college when their friends looked at them cross-eyed when they referred to them that way. Yes, their momma was a bit weird (remember, they only knew of cheese that came in the plastic, individual wrappers as well!)

    Love the photo and love that fact that someday you will look back at this picture and smile at the shear joy of "happy" food for a little boy!

  6. Walmart sells all natural WHITE Cheddar puffed Cheetos. SOOOO good and not quite as messy!!

  7. They are the BEST! My girls ask for them whenever they know I have bought them. I guess they get it honestly...Marc says he used to eat an entire bag in one sitting...a family size bag!

    I bet they were so good, Lincoln! Glad you enjoyed them!

  8. awesome! i didn't have a clue, but then again i haven't eaten cheetos in years! they don't sell them here in england =)

  9. I guessed punpkin or peanut butter.
    I am glad it was Cheetos. Taste much better than the other. Ha Ha