Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Carpet

We got new carpet installed in our family room at 7am this morning. I greeted the carpet installers in plaid pajama pants, an oversized sweatshirt, crazy, unruly hair, and a pre-coffee half-smile.

They understood. They thought 7am was an ungodly hour to be working.

Forty-five minutes later, and we had new carpet in our family room. It's nice and neutral and goes with our kitchen tile nicely. I actually think carpet is kind of boring and had no intention of telling you that we got new, neutral, boring beige carpet in our family room.

And, then this happened.

These little boys didn't think new carpet was boring at all.

Toys? Who needs toys?

I do not understand what possesses little boys to wrestle. I have tried to figure it out. I have watched and squinted my eyes and shook my head and I've got nothin'. I don't get it.

I have asked them, Why do you wrestle?

They always answer the same way.

Because we just have to, Momma.

Then, my baby toddled in to see what all the fuss was about.

NO, not the baby!, my motherly instinct cried out in horror.

Whew. He's not interested in any of that wrestling nonsense. He just wants to roll around. He's my calm and reserved one. My baby. My itty-bitty, precious, snuggly ball of soft, squishy sweetness.

And, then, as if overcome with this innate fire that burns deep within all little boys...

He, he, he...

...pounced on his 5-year old brother with fierce determination and reckless abandon.

And, pinned him. Ding, ding, ding. Round over.

And, burst into a fit of laughter and delight that I have never, ever witnessed from my calm, reserved, tiny one.

I submit to you.

This is nature at work, baby.

Man is hunter.

Woman no understand.


  1. Growing up with 3 older brothers I remember this as a daily, hourly occurrence! My parents finally put an old mattress in our downstairs for them to wrestle it out. As they got older my mom lost all control and would just yell down to them, "Wait until your dad gets home!"

    You might as well surrender Sarah. It's just born in them! :D

  2. Okay so I totally identify with this. My boys are CONSTANTLY rolling and tumbling. One of their favorite things to do with Daddy is "weswing!" They beg for it; they laugh and giggle...and scream with delight. It looks painful...and it is cause sometimes I get thrown in the mix :), but even my daughter joins in at times, but it's different when it's just the boys---it's taken to a whole 'nother level. Your sequence of pictures is to typical. I'm sure the soft new carpet and the room without furniture was just the perfect setting! :)

    Enjoy their craziness!

  3. This post is hysterical! I'm sharing this with my mom!

  4. {Laughing and shaking my head} Me no understand either.

    PS - the carpet look awesome!

  5. I can totally identify with this. Alex and Drew always think they need to wrestle and I don't get it either! :)

  6. The carpet looks wonderful! :)

    Ok, so I totally don't get the whole wrestling thing - the closest we get to it is Daddy tickling and rough-housing with the girls. They're not usually that impressed. Then again, we make up for lack of wrestling with the amount of pure drama in this house, lol. ;)

  7. I've always said cavemen should be described as hunter - gatherers - wrestlers. ha! My husband was gone for 6 days last week and the first thing my 4yo said when he walked in Sunday night was "Let's wrestle!"

  8. Oh my 3 little boys love to wrestle...even the one year old!! But make no mistake their 1 and only sister joins right in on the fun!!!! Just thought I may need to give you a heads up if you have a little girl....they love pink, purple and "girlie" things, but they do join right in with their brothers!! :)

  9. That was such a sweet post! I enjoyed reading every word of it. It took me way back in time to when my two boys were little. :)

  10. That post made me smile. I have three boys and I often am asking much of this male instinct stuff should I let fly? It's a fine line b/w raising wild/rough boys and soft pansies! God's equipped us---we can do it! :)

  11. I so understand and agree with every word Sarah. As a mum to two adult sons, I'm sorry I can't reassure you that they will grow out of it in a couple of years! But my what fun they were and continue to be at 38 and 40. Sometimes I just had to resort to playing "sleeping lions" to get them to lie still.

  12. I already see differences in my little guy that I've never seen in my sweet girl. LOVE the pics!

  13. I know it breaks your Mommy heart to see little Lincoln grow up, but I love that he is now one of the big guys, in on all the action. I truly hope my little man gets a brother to wrestle around with... not that he doesn't adore his sisters, but I know his heart's desire is for a baby brother.

    We'll see... thank goodness, God knows best and he decides.

    Sorry you missed on the fries though.. I totally would go for meeting you at mickey D's for some fries, ANYTIME!

  14. Love this! And love those little boys! :)

  15. Boys will be boys will be boys!
    PS - the carpet is not boring - it looks really nice!

  16. When I first started reading the new carpet story, I was SO sure it was going to end with a huge mud/juice/poop stain on it. Your ending was much nicer. ;o)

  17. This is so sweet! I'm so happy they are enjoying getting the house ready too!

  18. definitely a boy thing =)

    what are you going to do if you have a girl? what is that poor little girl going to do?

  19. Loved this! Wouldn't it be great to just have a room for them in the house with nothing but carpet?
    This sure takes me back in time.

    Happy Birthday to adorable Max!

  20. I forgot to say how much I enjoyed your words that told the story.

  21. Testosterone, that's the "secret ingredient". We'll never get it.

  22. Even LINCOLN joined in? I love it... It's funny how the little things mean so much to kids, Sar. I'm glad you took pics. :)

  23. As a mom of fellow boys... I don't really understand it either. But, those pictures made me smile. I love it!