Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Quieter Song

Have you ever been through a season of life where you felt like you just needed to be quiet? Be still?

Just...I don't know...be?

I'm in one of those right now.

If you and I were sitting across from one another for coffee, I'd be as chatty as ever, hands waving as I described the excitement I feel at March Madness, and I'd probably tell you that the hibachi dinner I had tonight was one of the best ever.

I'd tell you that this is the best and easiest pregnancy I've ever had, and that I feel such a sense of gratefulness that God has given us another child.

I'm in this season where I feel like I'm living - doing what I do everyday - caring for my boys, loving on my husband, baking pies and eating Ho-Ho's and still trying to figure out exactly how I like my scrambled eggs best. (Do you stir the eggs, whip them, add milk or cream, or do you crack them over the hot pan and then stir them around so you get bits of yellow and white all through them?) But, instead of landing here on the interweb, I'm just processing it all - not feeling the desire or pull to share what's floating around in my noggin.

It could be the baby. He/she is quieting my heart - preparing me for the wonderful madness to come and nudging my spirit into stillness.

It could be that I broke my laptop and now I have to sit in the basement to type on something that's actually plugged into the wall (HORRORS!), instead of typing while draping my legs over my husband's on the sofa as I leisurely sip hot chocolate and watch Pawn Stars.

It's probably a million different things. Because no matter what has been going on in my life in the past 3 years, I have always made time to write.

Whatever it is, my song is quieter these days. My husband can hear it as he lays next to me at night. My sister hears it on the other end of the phone line. And, my boys know that Momma loves them to pieces, but needs to rest and so we spend many more hours each week doing "quiet" things. (Not their favorite, as you can imagine.)

So, as I rest and think and just "be", I've found myself in a new place. Unfamiliar territory, if you will.




Ever thankful that even though my song isn't loud enough to make it down the hallway, down the basement stairs, and onto this thing with wires coming out in every direction, I'm still singing.

I guess you could say I've traded Guns 'n Roses for a little Barry Manilow.



  1. There's a virus going around asking you to view a youtube video. So I didn't post a link, but I just sang Steven Curtis Chapman's song "Be Still and Know That He is God" Sunday. What you shared just emphasized something I think God is pressing on my heart, too.

  2. I know the feeling I am there right now too. I keep saying I need a vacation. I just need some rest.

  3. I think it's beautiful, Sarah. I'm glad you're content. I think you're in awe of all that God is blessing you with this year. And you're tired. Awe and tiredness. :)

    I felt very contemplative before Eve arrived. It's the mother's heart releasing itself to invite another one in.


  4. love me some Manilow...
    well said, sarah. sometimes i think knowing ourselves well enough to recognize when our "song" changes is a sign that we are finally comfortable in our own skin... matured a bit, maybe.

  5. Peace, Peace, God's Peace... It's a wonderful thing!

  6. I'm coming off of a season of quiet. Hopefully not completely off of it because I hope to incorporate that sense of stillness, quiet, and "being present" into my life for good. All that to say, yes, I understand exactly what you mean. Savor it.

  7. Sarah, feeling the same thing here. I'm not sure what it really is either, but this if the first time I have been on Facebook or checked any blogs in a week now. Just the need to enjoy family, make them special meals and snacks, read books, meditate on God's Word, and soak in the sunshine! Enjoy your break and your family... and may the Lord speak to your heart as you are still...

  8. So grateful for God's gentle reminders to be still. He's singing a similar song in my heart, too. As a mom, I think it's easy for us to excuse these gentle proddings because we're busy being busy. Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. You have such a beautiful gift with words. And every time I read your blog, be it a thoughtful post like this, or a delicious recipe like the pie, or a cute pic of the boys wrestling... I just find myself wishing we lived close enough to sit down face to face and chat, but so thankful we can connect via the WWW!

    I found myself in a bit of a blog funk for a few weeks... and only recently got a renewed desire to read and write consistently again. I kept hearing your words from your post over Christmas... about how you shouldn't feel the need to apologize for the absence and should just write when you wanna write...

    I am glad your at a good place right now and do look forward to your posts... whenever you feel the urge to share with us!!

  10. Enjoy the stillness where God meets us.
    I thrive on being able to put my thoughts and struggles into words- sometimes I feel I process them better, but I too find that it is when I am quiet/still often that I find the greatest peace.
    Enjoy the contentment and the blessings that we sometimes miss in the day to day.

  11. I love your post. So honest. I'm glad you are peaceful and quiet. It is good for us to step back awhile and listen instead of always being busy. God bless you as you plan and wait for your big day.

  12. I love how you expressed this. It's the perfect way to describe what we talked about the other night.

  13. I love the way you write.

    Enjoy this new phase of your life.


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  15. I understand, but you are missed in my daily routine! God bless.

  16. Is everything okay Short stop? We miss you and your posts!

  17. Miss you, but respect your right to some quiet time. Hope all is well.