Monday, April 26, 2010

On Our First Day in Raleigh...

We went to the grocery store and filled our pantry with the few necessities we couldn't live without while unpacking the boxes.

I almost cried when I saw them.


  1. Wow! I didn't know you could buy those in Raleigh. When I lived in the DC area 8 years ago I couldn't even find them in the grocery store. I thought they were a Philly thing.

    Have you been to Chick Fil A yet? Biscuitville? The Pit? (Did I mention that I LOVE Raleigh?)

    If you've never tried it, I highly suggest baking with White Lilly Flour. I think it's the best and I always stock up on it when I'm down south.

  2. Raleigh fits you like a glove! :)

    And it has "leigh" in it! :)


  3. Aren't they the best! I thought these were just a Maryland thing. I'm glad to know they've made it past the Mid-Atlantic!

  4. Welcome back to the east coast girl... guess your gonna have to change your profile from east coast girl in the midwest to east coast girl turned midwest back to the east coast. :-)

    Welcome Home!

  5. Welcome to your new home! Glad to see you posting again. :)

  6. I am SOOOOOO JEALOUS!!! I grew up in Baltimore and every now and then my dad (who still lives in the area) sends us a big box packed full of bags of Utz varieties. YUM!

  7. Maybe you should give a few bags of these out as prizes. I haven't ever seen them before and would love to try them.