Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rock Eaters and Hand-Me-Downs

I sat outside on the front porch with Max the other day.

He and I sat looking around, talking about our house, and how much we'll miss it here.

The dogs and horses that live across the street.
Our yard.
The woods.

Then, he reached into his pocket.

Wanna see what I found, Momma? A squished rock.

And then, as if he was looking at a new flavor of gum or an interesting new type of candy, he popped it in his mouth.

I have been at this little boy gig for over 5 years now.

And, I can tell you from experience that the mystery deepens with each one of them.

They are rock eaters, dirt throwers, mudpie makers, and mulch slingers. And, one little boy doesn't really prepare you for the peculiarities of the next. My happy Max is my first rock eater. My first non-closet rock eater, anyway.

My three, mysterious, little boys. They're gloriously entertaining.

And, all of these memorable hand-me-downs can get passed from one to the other, right?

Not a chance.


  1. I think only a blogging mommy would let their child keep a rock in their mouth (for the sake of pix, of course). :0)

    Girls are so much more sophisticated; they put things in their mouth like cat food. @@

  2. I love the holes in his pants. When my kids were little it was not fashionable to have holes anywhere. I'm so glad that has changed. We were poor just buying jeans for our 3 kids. I remember the double knee thing didn't even work. They still managed to put holes in them. They are all grown up now. Great memories.
    Enjoy your little ones - they grow up so fast. My oldest son is turning 50 this year!

  3. Love it!
    Oh, Sarah! I'm so excited for you and your big, exciting move. But it is breaking my heart that you won't be just across town anymore and I won't chance upon you at church. :(

  4. My grandson, who was 2 at the time, once handed his great grandpa his cherished rock and asked him if he wanted a lick. "Dey're good fer wickin'!" he explained. LOL! Such a generous gesture, I thought.

  5. Great shots! I think it is so funny when you go to kids consignment shops, the girls section will be literally bursting with clothes and the boys is slim picking... this just illustrates why!

  6. I'm reading your post thinking...."Did she ask him to put the rock back in his mouth so she could take pictures?!?" Bah ha ha!!!!

    Those jeans tell a great story...