Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Short: Boy or Girl?

How about a baby poll to see what you all think we're having?

We've decided to be surprised with this baby, much to the "NOOO, you're not really gonna make us wait, are you?" from many of our friends and family, but what can I say? We like the surprise.

Clarification: I like the surprise. My husband would have preferred to find out, but he graciously yields to me on these kinds of things.

I'd tell you my premonition, but seeing that it changes every week, every day, every hour, I'd be no good to you at all.

I would, however, like to tell you that I will be absolutely, over-the-moon thrilled with either one. I get asked quite frequently if I'm hoping for a girl. I suppose I understand that. But, the answer to that question would be "no". Not any more than I'm hoping for a boy. I am so thankful, so delighted, so deep down excited that God has blessed us with another child that I can't wait to meet whomever God has chosen for us.

Still. We love imagining what life will be like with one or the other and I love the fun of hearing others guess what they think we're having.

So, there's a poll on my sidebar that I'll leave up until - oh, I don't know - the end of July or so.

Join in and vote if you'd like:

Will it be a boy or a girl this time?


  1. We had 3 boys like you--stairsteps. During my 4th pregnancy, I was asked those questions about a girl quite frequently as well. Honestly, I was quite content with boys and enjoy them so much that I would have been thrilled if the Lord blessed us with another son. We waited until delivery to find out also and were shocked when a GIRL was announced. We are enjoying her tremendously and she has fit in quite well with 3 big protectors. :) I am enjoying all the pink and girly things, but oh, the drama and emotions of a girl! LOL So fun, but very different! My dh is from a family of 5 boys, and he loved that dynamic. Whichever gender the Lord gives to you will be perfect for your family. I am excited either way for you guys and can't wait to find out which it is!

  2. We too are waiting till delivery to find out... only about a month left till I know who is inside of me. The kids say they have preferences, but also have all expressed they will love either their new sister or new brother.

    All that to say, I STINK at guessing. It cracks me up when total strangers will come up and tell me with such certainty what they think I am having. I never have a clue... though the last few weeks I've been guessing girl for me.

    My question for you, is does this baby seem to move more or less than the boys? I noticed with my son he was more of a kick/puncher where as my girls were more move all over the place swimmer/gymnasts... of course this means nothing, it is just my personal opinion/guess. :-)

    Can't wait to meet your little one this fall via the blog and hopefully in person sometime when your back in Bmore!

  3. I will vote ... BOY!

  4. Before we knew we were having our boy (3rd and last one), I was kind of hoping for another girl. People would say, well don't you want a boy? But I was used to girls and had plenty of girl clothes, so I was kind of afraid of having a different sex. Then again even if you have children all of the same sex, they usually have such different personalities that it doesn't make a difference. God makes your family just as it should be. And we know you'll love this new baby to pieces every bit as much as you do your boys.

  5. We waited to find out with both of our kids. We only planned to have two, so we wanted to make the most of it. My MIL about went nuts when we told her we were waiting. I knew DH wanted a boy first, so I was sure I would disappoint him and have a girl. (So silly.) We had a boy. With the second one, I wanted a girl so badly, I was sure my "luck" would give me another boy. God gave us a girl. So I have a perfectly wrong batting average. LOL I'm glad you're feeling the way you do!

  6. Friends of ours from church have 3 little boys, and they just found out the 4th is a girl. So - I'm going with that plan for you too.
    I do know that you won't care one whit and will love him/her tons!

  7. I have enjoyed your blogging about your family and your delicious recipes, and was thrilled to see you are expecting another addition to the family! Congratulations! I'm also excited to learn you and a few other ladies are waiting to find out who you're having. Most everyone I knew during my pregnancy who was pregnant knew who they were having, and I felt like the odd one out by not knowing myself. My first born is just over 3 months old now and my husband and I waited, though he wanted to find out once we learned I was pregnant. I like surprises, so I insisted we weren't going to find out. Though neither of us spoke our initial desire of which sex we'd like (I was sure baby was going to be a boy... but then wasn't so sure when my doctor kept using "she" with certainty in her voice at one visit), we were thrilled to learn at delivery we had a boy. My husband got to announce who it was, and he could barely get the words out "it's a boy!" because he was crying tears of joy. :) My son has been such a joy. Can't wait to learn who's joining your family - I'm gonna guess a girl. I can picture your boys loving-up their little sister. :) You have a lovely family.