Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Stairsteps

I took this picture to show you their new summer cuts.

And, how I can't believe how much they look like brothers.

The cheeks. The boyishness. The smiles.

My little stairsteps.

They just came into our lives - one after the other. Like each one couldn't wait to get here to join the party.

But, as I sit staring at this photo, I think to myself that when I was a little girl mothering my babydolls, when I married my husband, when I dreamed about what our family might be like one day...

I never imagined I could love like this.


  1. If only my girls were younger...

  2. GREAT picture Sarah! They look adorable!

  3. Such a sweet post! I can absolutely relate...and you have one more stair on the way ;)

  4. truly, truly adorable!! and I can't believe how much lincoln looks like a big kid now... so precious...

    can you believe our heart is going to grow yet again in ways we can't even yet fathom??

    mind blowing

  5. so cute! love their summer cuts.