Monday, May 17, 2010

Their First Camping Trip

Jack and Max went on their very first camping trip this weekend with their Dad, Uncle Zak and cousins, and some new church friends.

Their cousin, Nathan, has quickly become their best friend since we moved here.

Can you see the family resemblance?

How about now? Jack and Nathan look more like brothers than cousins. From the back, we often can't tell them apart.

Some very exciting things happened to the boys on their first camping trip. Since I wasn't there, I can only really report to you what the boys have told me.

Their Dad got them brand new fishing poles for their trip.


And, Jack caught the second! Of the entire group! I have two little fisherman on my hands.

I assumed they would be eating granola bars and juice boxes for breakfast.

Umm. No.

Fresh-picked mulberry pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage.

I might have to rethink this camping thing. (If only camping took place at a spa. *sigh*)

Nathan and Isaac, my sister's youngest little boy, look like they're enjoying their breakfast, too. (I'm so thankful to be living near these little guys. They're such cool little dudes.)

I asked Jack what his favorite part of camping was. He said "Bamboo Island". (Their imaginations were in full swing, I'm told.)

I can see why this was his favorite. This boy loves to climb anything. Everything. Just ask his grandparents who installed wooden steps up the tree in their backyard the last time we visited so that Jack could climb to the top of the tree.

He was so excited to show me these pictures and what he did.

(Side note: Oh, the state of their laundry when they returned. I don't know that these shorts will ever recover.)

Jack proudly climbed to the top of this (dead) tree.

And, I can hear his best "Tarzan" now.

And, then I asked Max what his favorite part of camping was.

No hesitation whatsoever:

"Peeing in the grass."

Successful first camping trip all around.


  1. Collin was reading with me and we both busted out laughing. As the mom of two boys, that sounds exactly right!

  2. Haha! Love it! Sar, I'm so glad that you have just fallen into home so quickly down there. God is so good!

  3. haha! Always gotta get the peeing in there somewhere when it comes to boys {or all ages} and the outdoors. Just sayin'. They are very, very rugged and cute. So much fun!

  4. oh wow...i never thought to send micah and noah with just their daddy!! we've always gone as a family! will have to rethink this one!

  5. I love the look on Jack's face when he has his fish... looks like they had a FABULOUS time!!

    Sarah, one of my fav parts of camping is the food. (come to think of it, it is some of my fav parts of life) seriously pancakes don't taste better than on a picnic table in the cool of the morning. And the campfire desserts you can have..mmmm... you'd like it I am sure!

  6. What a great time for your boys. Nothing beats camping!

  7. What great pictures! I love them and what you had to say too. Thanks for the laughs! :)

  8. Who took the pictures? I can not even tell you how much I loved this!

  9. fantastic. max is such a tough guy... looks like he's ready to take on any wildlife that would dare cross him... the fish probably surrendered and jumped on his hook.

  10. That's not a "dead tree." It's one of Daddy's death-traps. He's lucky he wasn't impaled or blinded by it.

  11. Great job photographing the adventure for us, J. Looks like a little boy's dream vacation. Peeing in the woods is just not any little girl's dream...

  12. oh that max - hilarious!!

    i think that would be landons favorite part as well. it is actually how we started potty training him by going camping and he got to pee outside.