Thursday, June 17, 2010

His Very First One

Well, of course! Y'all were right on the money. That Someone had somethin' wiggly that was ready to come out.

This was the scene at about 7:30pm last night.

And, between 7:30pm and 8:00pm, there was a whole lotta this goin' on...

With a good measure of this...

And, at 8:00pm, he said, "I'm ready, Mom." And with one little wiggle, we were staring at his very first lost tooth that he was carefully holding in his tiny little hand.

He told me we needed to keep it safe until his Daddy gets home from his business trip so that he can show him. And, then he'll put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy who will give him money to spend at Target on some new toys. (Uhhh - perhaps I need to adjust his expectations about the generosity of the tooth fairy??)

(I love that he wanted to wait for his Dad to get home. Even the lure of money can't compare with sharing this special moment in his life with his Dad!)

Another milestone. Another precious moment. Another reason to thank God for giving me this child to raise and watch grow up.

I love this (toothless) little boy.


  1. Do I see the top of his new tooth already showing?

  2. OH man... Isn't it amazing how excited he is about losing a tooth? We can buy our kids goo-gobs of Legos and I SWEAR they get higher from losing a tooth. The pics you took were PERFECT... told the whole story. :) His eyes are so full of life and joy. It's like a rite of passage. Did he tell the story over and over all day? Precious, just precious.

    I'm glad you're able to capture these moments on the camera, Sar. Good job!


  3. Brandi - YES! That's exactly what you see!

    Em - He loves to show everyone who will have a look. Couldn't wait to tell his Aunt Anna today!

  4. There is nothing like the smile of a kid that's missing one of his front teeth. So cute!

  5. So precious! It made me cry. I just wished my oldest son a happy birthday on his 50th birthday. I remember his toothless smile like it was yesterday. Oh my........

  6. *tear* precious moments - time flies