Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kitchen Remodel: The Sink

When I first showed you a few pictures of the inside of our new house, I mentioned a little project we're working on that would require a whole lot of decisions.

And, decision-making is not one of my, um, gifts? I stress. I worry. I waffle back and forth in this land of inbetween for as long as it will have me.

SO, when it comes to decisions regarding our house, to permanent decisions - OH SWEET MERCY, I'm in a state of paralysis.

Well, since we're about to get started, I thought I'd document the process here on my blog. Because then I'll be able to see how far I've come - from point A to point Z, and prove to myself that it is indeed, not as difficult as it seems. And, I'll have this permanent account of what we did in our new kitchen, and why.

And, I thought I'd share with you what we're doing, and see if I can (PLEASE, pretty please!) get y'all to share any advice or opinions or thoughts you might have on a few of the decisions we've got coming up.

And, before I move on, YES, I'm asking for your opinion in these posts! So, fire away.

This is our kitchen.

It's about to go through a bit of change. The cabinets are staying (OH MY WORD, the price of new cabinets!!), and so is the tiled floor. Those (for certain) are the two things that are not changing.

Before we begin, I want to tell you this: We're not paying for ANY of this! The sellers of our house gave us the money to do ALL of this. So, all of this change, it's on them. Otherwise, we'd be happily moving into our house just as it is.

First up: The sink. We have decided on a stainless steel sink. But, I'm not sure what style to choose. I've done some research, but still find myself waffling back and forth between three styles. Each of these end up being the same amount of overall space, so it's really just a matter of what will work best for us.

Sink #1: A 40/60 sink.

With one side larger than the other, I like this one because the right side can be full of dirty dishes, pots and pans, and the other side can simultaneously be used for washing vegetables or using a colander without having to wash/work around the dirty dishes. I love that. And, the bigger side would be great for washing large pots, cookies sheets, etc. because of its larger size. But, would the smaller side always be wishing it was bigger?

Sink #2: A 50/50 sink.

Both sides are equal. Equal size, depth, and width. Upside: Equal work space for food prep, and dishes. And, y'all know I do a lot of food prep. Downside: Will my larger pots be difficult to wash since there isn't really one big space? Not sure.

Sink #3: Single basin sink.

One big, deep, all-purpose sink. My biggest pots, largest cookie sheets, and a whole boatload of dirty dishes will fit down in here. In fact, my large cookie sheets could fit flat down in the bottom to soak. Love that. But, what about prepping, washing veggies around a sink full of dirty dishes? Would I miss not having a separate area for that?


Three sinks. Each with pros and cons.

Any ideas? Experiences of your own? What do you have? If you were starting from scratch, what would you choose?

I'd LOVE your thoughts!


  1. I love a good kitchen remodel! I personally prefer either the 40/60 or the 50/50 just because I like to have separate areas. Of course, I'm not the one washing dishes, either, so perhaps the single basin has its benefits.:) When I did have a single basin, I found this little beauty to be a must - However, the colander isn't very big, but it definitely helps.

    Can you tell that I'm also terrible with decisions? If I had to choose right now, though, I think I would say the 40/60 - I love the look, and you get the best of both worlds.

    Good luck - whatever you pick will be perfect!

  2. I'd choose the 60/40. I've had the single sink before, and it just doesn't work very well. Yes, the larger items will fit in the larger sink (for washing), but what do you do when you need to rinse the cleaned pots & pans? What do you do when you need to drain the pasta or rinse the veggies? Etc., etc., etc.

    The 60/40 gives you a larger sink for washing larger items ... but it also gives you the smaller sink for draining/rinsing, etc. Just about the best of both worlds.

    Plus, I just love the look of the 60/40 sink. I'm dreaming of the day when I can justify remodeling our kitchen (not likely in my lifetime, since our house is brand new - well, 2 years old) ... and if/when I do remodel, I'm going with the 60/40 sink! ;-)

    I'm going to love living vicariously through your remodel! ;-)

  3. Congrats on the new home and the opportunity to remodel a kitchen. I think the kitchen is very pretty as is (I love green) and the layout is nice and open. I would have a field day in there.

    I like the 40/60 sink. Plus, I don't know about you, but I wash our dishes and glasses in the dishwasher. Pots and pans will fit in the 60% half and can be rinsed on the 40% half.

    My second choice is the 50/50. I know from experience that the one big sink just isn't practical.

    If you're doing granite countertops (not to jump ahead), you should consider an undermount sink. It's so easy to just sweep the crumbs from the counter into the sink, plus it looks custom and cool.

  4. I have a 40/60 and I love it. That would be my vote!

  5. I should have added that I have never wished the smaller side was larger. I keep the smaller side clear of dishes (and I'm working hard at training the family to do the same) so it is free for prep and draining. My disposal is in the small side too, which works perfect for the food prep and draining.

  6. We just had new counter tops installed. We went with the 60-40 sink and I love it. veggie prep in the small one and pots and pans in the big one. Glad we did it.

  7. I vote for 40/60. I like the look of it and the option for double duty. Bed/bath/beyond has these super cute sink mats that look a bit like rocks/stones. You can cut them to whatever size you like.

    I think I will have fun remodeling vicariously through you!

  8. I think 40/60. We have 50/50, and it's not quuuuite big enough for cookie sheets or bigger pots and pans..

  9. I always think about resale, and since it looks like people really seem to like the 60/40, I'd go with that.

  10. Pretty kitchen! I think sinks come in different sizes or it sure seems that way (from apt living). So it might depend on the actual size front to back on the sink but I think the 40/60 looks wonderful to fit those bigger dishes! I've never had one, I understand the indecisiveness we can be like that too.

    I'd move the microwave if you can, I think it's too high being above the stove but I am on the petite side (as far as height). :)

  11. I would like the 40/60, I think. I have the 50/50, and like Andi said, the larger cookie sheets just don't quite fit. I have to angle them. It is nice having the collander in one and the dishes in the other.

    Good idea about undermounting it. It can be a challenge to get those crumbs around the outside.

    If you think the microwave it too high above the stove, you can get a little bit larger cabinet to lower it, but I personally like keeping the counter tops clear of the microwave.

  12. Option 1. I love the look of option 3 but I see 1 as a lot more practical. (and want one myself now)

  13. I think I'm the only one...but I vote for single basin. I went from 50/50 to single basin 2 years ago and have never regretted!

    Love this blog! Your Strawberry Pie recipe is the best ever!
    Happy Kitchen Updating!

  14. I have the 60/40 Corian....wouldn't trade it! I put the disposal in the smaller one.


  15. We have a 50/50 and we bought an all-in-one faucet so I can put the pans in the sink and just use the sprayer to clean them. And for cookie sheets, they fit in just fine and I let the water run over them. Then again, I'm an anal person and like the equality of the 50/50. ;o)

  16. 60/40 hands down! Mine ids more like 80/20, but I LOVE it! I never wish the 20 side was bigger, and the 80 accommodates everything I need it to.

    I'd never do one big sink. NO way. I'd just get done filling it with hot soapy water and for sure, I'd ned to rinse veggies or wash my hands.

  17. Daddy has on deep sink, and another two-sided sink. In his kitchen...

    And a HUGE deep sink in the utility room which is adjacent to the kitchen.

  18. Re: microwave location. I'm short, too (5' 1.5") and we have a microwave above the stove. I would rather get a small step stool out when I need to clean it than to have it take up counter space. ;-) Otherwise, it's not too high to be unusable. YMMV

  19. I had a 40/60 and loved it. But I have always thought I might really like the big one that fits cookie sheets... I don't leave dirty dishes in the sink anyway unless they're soaking. So I vote for the big one!

  20. LOVE the look of the 40/60 and think I would try and get the largest I could to fit big items in. Can be frustrating having too small a sink.

  21. I'd vote for 60/40 or single basin, but I have a 50/50 and HATE it. Neither side is big enough for pots or my half-sheet pans. My mom has an 80/20, with the garbage disposal in the 20 side, and I LOVE that. I'd vote for 60/40 or the highest ratio you can find. Veggie washing and pasta draining doesn't take up that much room. Also, I'd recommend putting the garbage disposal in the smallest side, handy when you're cleaning veggies.

  22. BTW, if you want to avoid having to let your large cookie sheets soak, I highly recommend parchment paper. I haven't had to do anything to my half-sheet pans other than rinse them ever since I discovered parchment. I won't bake without it anymore!

  23. I have only used 50/50 sinks (which have been just fine) so I can't share from experience, but a single-basin sink would be out of the question (those are for people with kitchens that have more than one sink, imo). If you ever leave dishes in the sink for any reason (who doesn't?), you do need a clean side available. I tend to be sloppy and leave dishes in both sides, and I often find myself having to move dirty dishes from one side to the other in order to drain something or prep veggies or use the disposal or whatever. Get the 60/40 with the disposal in the 40 - the smaller side doesn't need to be any bigger, and the larger side will be big enough for most things. Best of both worlds, in my opinion.


  24. I like sink #1 (40/60). It would be great to have one side of the sink slightly larger. The other thing I would look at is the depth of the sink - it should be deep enough so that you can easily rinse your tallest pots. Good luck!

  25. Gorgeous, roomy kitchen- love it!
    I would probably go with the 50/50, maybe even deeper than the one pictured, just because the others don't have sprayers. Love my sprayer! Mine recently broke, no fear hubby fixed it! Glad to have it working again - missed it the short time we could not use it - in fact didn't realize how much we used it until broken. (btw, in the kitchen most of the day, love to cook & feed 8 hungry folks 3 times a day!)


  26. I've had all 3 types. We have just about finished remodeling our kitchen, and we went for a large single basin--30" and undermounted, so nice and deep. LOVE it!!! A dish pan or large pot can always mimic a smaller separate sink, but it is so nice to have one large sink for all those big pots and pans. I've even used it to give a bath to my 2 year old. The 40/60 would be my next choice. :) How exciting!

  27. 60/40 is my vote. I've had one of each at this point, and this is my favorite. My disposal is in the smaller side...perfect for food prep. I would really miss having one larger side to fit the large pans/ cookie sheets. Choosing a tall spicket certainly helps with that.

  28. I so love the taps! That looks really cool. My dad would love that. i also like the high chairs. it adds sophistication in the room. Great work!

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