Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Happy Day

Something really exciting happened in our family this weekend.

See this little boy? He loves the pool. He insists on putting his own goggles on every time he gets in the water - even if he doesn't get them on quite right. Because this little boy? He also loves his independence. He's been pursuing it with passionate vigor since the day he was born.

One sunny afternoon this weekend, with lots of loving encouragement from his Daddy, he conquered something he hadn't, up to that moment, been able to conquer before.

He held his breath.

And, let go.

He kicked his feet. Used his arms.

And, glided through the water.

Lifting his head to breathe every time he needed to.

And, this independent little boy? The one who insists on putting on his own goggles, even if they squish down his ears and one side of them fills up with water...

Took one more step in his quest for independence.

Ladies and Gentlemen...



  1. Woo Hoo!!! THAT is a HUGE accomplishment...and a great life skill.

  2. Yea for Jack! I'm sure he's beyond excited, and is sleeping well at night, too.

  3. That is fantastic! What a wonderful accomplishment.

  4. Wahoo!!! What a great moment for you all and such perfect timing with the whole summer ahead of him to enjoy this new skill. :-)

  5. With encouragement from his Daddy - I love that line. What we can do with encouragement from someone we love. If only all kids could have that privilege. What a wonderful bunch of kids we would have. Good job little swimmer!

  6. Way to go, Jack! How fun! This summer will be so exciting for him.

  7. YAY JACK! Way to go! And I bet you have many more pool-appropriate days in your new state than in your former one. :-) HUGS to all of you!

  8. Hooray! I'm happy for Jack!

  9. This just really made me smile, Sarah. :-D