Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This Ain't the Lake

During our five years in Michigan, we spent many, many summer days splashing on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Our boys love the beach.

This past weekend, we hopped in our van and drove the two short hours to the North Carolina coast - happily expecting our little beach-loving buddies to excitedly embrace our "new beach".

For the most part, they loved the changes that the East Coast offers.

The big, crashing waves.
The shapes and colors of seashells.
The lifeguards on ATV's.

And, while my husband and I don't normally throw each other laugh-filled glances when seeing our tiny tots in this condition, having grown up on the East Coast, we simply couldn't help but laugh at their unexpected reaction to the biggest change of all.

Dis salty water tastes weally, weally yucky.

Welcome to the ocean, my little beach bums.


  1. I love it! (I love the ocean, too.)

  2. Oh those precious faces... too cute!! I am sure they will adapt soon! :-)

  3. HAHA! you captured the perfect expressions! Such sweet faces, Love that little Max!

  4. Haha, so funny that you're snapping away while they're crying :) That's too cute!

  5. What a nasty surprise! Cute pictures!

  6. Good way to teach them not to drink contaminated water?

  7. SO FUNNY.

    and it's just so special how salt water burns going down your throat, too.