Tuesday, July 20, 2010


One of my favorite things about having this brood of boys in the house is that I never know what I'm gonna find when I walk into a room. It keeps my life interesting, keeps me on my toes, and is a neverending source of quality entertainment.

They just do things that leave me dumbfounded and perplexed.

Moms of girls: Does this happen with your girls, too? Or is this just a boy thing?

My findings and subsequent reactions over the last (almost) six years have spanned the gamut.

Mind-boggling. As was the case with the missing pajama arm.

(Never did solve that mystery).

Yesterday, I walked into the kitchen just before lunch and found this.

Someone's recreating the French Revolution at the Lego table.

I think his name is Max.


  1. This made me laugh out loud. My two boys are Lego fanatics, and while I sing the praises of Legos frequently, the number of times I have stepped on one (I love to walk barefoot) and winced, it too many to number.

    My boys (3 and 6) love to decapitate and remove the appendages off all their Lego men. Must be a boy thing.

    Thanks for the good laugh!

  2. That is so funny! My two girls didn't do this kind of thing, but my son did. It's a boy thing!

  3. Totally a boy thing!! We had 2 girls then a boy, then another girl. There's quite a difference between boys and girls!! We have friends that had boy/girl twins first. She would let both play with any toys and he always gravitated towards cars (and making vroom noises) while she played quietly with dolls. God definitely created us differently.

    The pj shirt was hilarious!

  4. ahahah! I asked Shawn what he thought the boys were playing and he guessed right away

  5. OK, so I'm gonna have to disagree because my girls do things that make you shake your head and think, "where do they come up with this stuff?" Even the gross stuff sometimes.

    But the funniest part is, a few hours before I read this post, we had been playing Legos together and Anna made a "king." I turn around and there is this multi-headed Lego figure she made (head stacked on top of head on top of another and so on). I asked her what made him the king and she said (in a very "Duh Mom!" kind of way), "Um, Moooooommmmm. He's the one with the most heads. THAT'S why he's king."