Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When He Was Still "Baby".

This is how I'll remember him.

Before Momma brought home a new "baby".

Sitting down to play.

Escaping into his own world.

Getting ready to become a big brother.

But, not knowing what that means.

His precious smile.

His tiny little fingers doing what they love.

Eyes full of wonder.

Ever content.

With Momma just a look away.

Her arms ready to hold him at any moment.

Oh, how I love this face.

He has such trusting eyes. And, he's secure in his place in our family.

His life is about to change in so many ways.

I'm praying for his tender little heart. And, cherishing every moment I can with him before his life gets turned upside down.

Before both of us say "goodbye"...

To "Baby".


  1. So, so sweet. And reality.


  2. This post brought tears to my eyes. We, too, our expecting a new little one, so I can totally relate to this. My "baby" is very clingy, so we wonder how he will handle having to adjust his little life once the new "baby" is here. Lincoln is a very handsome boy!

  3. He is too precious. I love this post. Savor these last few weeks and then the ones after that when you get to watch him bask in his role of big brother. I can't wait to see your documentation of his transformation. :-)

  4. What a sweet last picture. You have such precious children.

  5. You have really captured the essence of being a godly Mother. Your children display contentment and trust in their face which shows that they are loved. I'm sure your little one will adjust to the new baby and will be a proud big brother. God bless.

  6. I can really see Jack in him in these photos. Cute little hair cut and cut little boy!

  7. Oh Sarah -- what a precious tribute to Lincoln. I can't believe how big he looks in those pictures! He's gonna be a fantastic big brother, though!