Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alone Time

Sometimes he quietly sneaks off and we can't find him.

When this would happen with one of his brothers at 2 1/2, I'd immediately drop whatever I was doing - knowing that shampoo was being squirted all over the bathroom, my jewelry box was toppled over and its contents scattered all over my bedroom, or that my makeup was being painted all over the carpet.

We've been there before. Oh, yes - we've most definitely been there before.

But, with Lincoln - when I can't find him - I almost always find him alone.

Curled up with his two favorite comforts:

His thumb. And, his belly button.


When I found him like this on our entryway bench as we unpacked boxes and his older brothers played, having snuck away from the rest of our family and content to lie there alone with his two favorite vices, I realized that sometimes the chaos and noise of our daily life around here gets to me, too.

And, I want nothing more than just some quiet time.


To sit.

To think.

To just be.

It's a rare and precious thing - that elusive alone time. Especially for mothers of young ones. And, while I don't expect to get much of it in the coming months with a newborn on his/her way, I'm gonna take a cue from my wise, little one.

And, remember to sneak away to a quiet place.

Even if just for a brief moment when no one's looking.


  1. Dear Sarah, I hope you enjoy your bathroom time. That seemed to be the only alone time I ever got. It was precious and a haven if only for a brief moment.

    Once again, your days with little ones will pass in the blink of an eye. Relish the chaos!

    Little L is a gem! Never in my life have a met such a peaceful, sweet little boy.

  2. So sweet! I can't wait to see what you are having and what the name is! I received my gift yesterday in the mail! Thank you again for the give away! And I am keeping her card because my husband was REALLY excited about the lemonade stuff!

  3. Awww - that is so sweet! I've never known a kid who gets comfort from his belly button. He's a smart one to take some alone time!

  4. What a wise lil man you've got there!! Wonder what it is about the third born that knows how to go off on his/her own and decompress?? My first born would NEVER do that!!

  5. How did Ginger manage to get alone time in the bathroom?!?

    Love this picture of your sweet BABY boy. He is still the least for a short time.