Thursday, August 5, 2010

Twelve Days

Twelve days!

It's hard to believe we're in countdown mode for our new baby to arrive and we're counting in DAYS instead of WEEKS!

But, that's where we are. And, I have no idea how it happened so quickly.

Twelve days from today (I think I hear Drummers drumming?...) and I'll be holding our little bundle of pink or blue sweetness. Here's a little hodgepodge of what's happening in our house and life as we wait on baby.

1. I'm tired. I'm big. And, I feel like I'm carrying the prize-winning watermelon at the State Fair. I have resorted to stealing my husband's t-shirts because nothing I own will really cover my belly anymore. You should see the wide-eyed stares and whispers that follow me around in public and not-so-secretly bellow, "SHE'S GONNA BLOW!" Hello, last days of pregnancy.

2. That being said, I still feel great. I have enjoyed a complication-free pregnancy, and the joys of moving here to the South, being near my sister, summer days at the pool, moving into our new house, and having my husband home all day have made these months with my squiggly little one quite wonderful. I am thankful. Truly thankful.

3. Speaking of our house, I have yet to update you on the finished kitchen. For the most part, it's finished, but since having the countertops installed, we need to have the painters come back and patch a few places where the old countertops left big ol' spots on the walls. As soon as that's finished, I'll post pictures of our remodeled kitchen. (BTW, I LOVE IT!)

4. I love my 60/40 sink. It's one of my favorite parts of the kitchen.

5. I have headed off to the hospital three times to give birth to my babies, and yet i still never know what to pack in a bag. It's like I get paralyzed by it. What do I need? What will I want? What will I be able to wear for those last couple of days there? What does baby need? In reality, I guess it doesn't really matter because we'll be taken care of at the hospital, but some things sure do make life more comfortable while there.

6. Maybe I should make a list. *GASP*

7. We need to buy a new carseat this weekend. Ours had expired. And, since we've been parents since 2004 - a lifetime in what retailers will tell you that you simply *must* have to effectively raise a child - our baby gear is older and used and worn and holey and tells a thousand stories. We haven't purchased anything new for this new baby other than the few new outfits that I shared with you. But, somehow, getting a brand new carseat makes me feel spoiled and like I'm a first time Momma, again. Our new carseat is a gift from my husband's family, and I feel really blessed by it.

8. My sister got me this wrap. I've never been able to use our Baby Bjorn. It just never fit me right and my baby was always flopping around in it.

I love this wrap and have heard great things about it. There is a DVD (yes, a DVD!) that came with it that I need to watch because I have no idea on earth how to turn this large piece of fabric into something that can hold our baby close to me. I sure am excited to try it out, though.

9. The boys' excitement about this baby is one of the most precious things I have witnessed since becoming a mother. My whole pregnancy has been just as much about them as it's been about me or the baby. They love this baby - boy or girl. They ask almost every day if it's time for the baby to come yet. As for their thoughts: Jack says girl. Max says boy. Lincoln says, "No-no, baby." Oh, boy!

10. Lincoln might have a bit of difficulty adjusting. But, as my very wise great-great grandmother would say, "Don't borrow trouble." SO, I'm heading into delivery prepared to comfort him, love him, include him, teach him, and do all I can to make the transition as easy as possible for him. But, I'm hopeful that he will surprise us with a smooth adjustment to "big brother".

11. Boy or girl? Well, according to that sidebar poll over there, 70% of you think we're having a girl. My husband thinks girl, too. And, me? I have no idea whatsoever. No inkling. No premonition. And, I don't have a preference. I'm so grateful and thankful and excited and a bit nervous and joyful at finally meeting who God has picked out for our family!

12. As we wait, prepare, love on the boys, wash tiny little clothes, set up the nursery, and soak up these last days as a family of five, we are so thankful to God for blessing us with another child to raise. And, as I spend these last twelve days carrying this little one, I am so utterly grateful for the privilege of having carried another little life to hold and love and mother.


  1. I have a wrap from loveyduds and LOVE was the best thing that ever happened to me. I too could never wear the other slings or backpacks because it would hurt my shoulders...but this little gem will become your new best friend. John and I are so excited for you guys and can't wait to see pics of your little one:) We will be praying for you and your family as you add a new chapter to your life.

  2. I think it's great that you're waiting to find out, we did that with 3 out of 4 of ours! What to pack: robe, nightgown, slippers; (if you're particular like me) travel size shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste; toothbrush, razor, what you need to fix your hair and makeup, camera, cute little outfits for hospital picture and for the way home?, clean clothes for you. Gross idea but important - clean underwear you don't mind throwing away. Nursing br* if you're planning to do that. Possibly presents for older brothers from baby and/or quiet activity things for the older brothers. Something to share with staff or visitors, cookies or small chocolates? My SIL brought me a big mixed bag of mini Snickers, Milky Way, etc. It was wonderful!! Picture of your other children. (I had 4 c-sections so this didn't apply, but what you want to focus on or need for natural labor if that is your plan. Deck of cards, book to read, Bible.) Extra clothes for dad if he plans to shower/stay there or if you have a spitter-upper. Praying you have a safe delivery and healthy baby. :)

  3. Oh Sarah, this choked me up just a bit. I am so, so excited for you to meet your little one. You guys have had a busy, but from what I can tell, fabulous summer and this seems like the perfect way to bring in the fall.

    Can't wait to meet him or and hopefully we can get our crews together in person again.

  4. What a beautiful post! I love how you said you were a bit nervous to meet the little person God has given your family. So cute! I hope all goes well and I enjoy reading all about it. :)

  5. SO excited for you. Isabel lives in my moby wrap...and I LOVE having TWO (count them...two) hands free for my other kiddos. I am so glad you've had a wonderful pregnancy, and will be thinking of you as you near labor/delivery. Can't wait to hear your news.

  6. What a beautiful time for you. Glad you are feeling so good about everything. I'm sure your littlest one will adjust to the new member of your family. He must feel so loved and that love will go right into your new one. Can't wait to hear what it is boy? girl?.

  7. So excited for you all! I love those wraps-I haven't gotten one yet, but I plan on it very soon. I didn't have one with the other three, but for some reason, I think it is going to be a lifesaver with this fourth one! Will be praying for you...

  8. I also have a Lovey Duds wrap and it is great! Like you and others I was not comfortable with other babywearing devices but this one has been great. The DVD only shows one or two holds, but the website has more videos for positions for a bigger baby.

    So excited to see your new baby when he/she arrives. Happy last days!

    Oh, my own clothes, books and iPod were my hospital essentials. And a charger for your phone.