Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Birthday Gift

You had been looking forward to it all week long.

Your birthday was quickly approaching, and you were going to the LEGO store to pick out your present on the eve of your big day.

Of all the toys and games in our house, Legos are your favorite. You play with them every single day - building, creating, tweaking, imagining - I love to watch you lost in that world.

Dad picked you up from school, and the two of you ventured off together so you could choose your gift. Dad sent me three messages while you were at the store.

Wish I had the camera.

He's amazed with everything.

He can't decide

Dad and I both knew this was the perfect place to take you for your birthday! Your reactions and excitement at being there made both of us smile.

About an hour later, you came bursting through the door.

"Max, Max, look what's in this bag!", you shouted as you ran through the house looking for your brother.

I was worried about Max while you were gone. I wondered if he'd be a little sad when you came home that you got something so special and he was left out. You two rarely get or do anything different from one another, and your relationship personifies the phrase "two peas in a pod". Would Max have a hard time when you came home? I wasn't sure.

Then your Dad shared with me what happened at the store.

You stood in front of the X-Wing Fighter that you have been pining for all spring and summer. It has six Star Wars Mini Figures (your absolute favorites!), and you could finally get it and bring it home.

Is this what you want?, your Dad asked you.

You thought for a moment, and shook your head, "Nah. I'm gonna get two smaller things so that I can give one to Max."

And, that's what you did.

You picked out two small castle sets, and the minute you walked through the door, you pulled one of the boxes out of your bright yellow bag and gave it to Max.

Today is your sixth birthday. Dad and I might have given you Legos for your birthday, but we're the ones that truly received the gift.

You showed compassion, love, and care for your brother on YOUR special day. You gave up something you've wanted for so long so that you could bless and share your joy with Max.

And, there is no greater gift we could ever receive than seeing our children showing Christ's love to one another.

When the Legos are packed away and you've grown into the man God wants you to be, Dad and I will look back on this day and remember with fondness and pride the kindness you showed to your brother.

We are so proud of you. We are honored and thankful and blessed beyond what we could ever express to you that God gave you to us.

We love you, Jack.

Mom and Dad


  1. Seriously that brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful young man you all are raising.

  2. yay, Jack. love how our kids surprise us over and over. enjoy his special day :)

  3. I'm another one with tears in my eyes - what a great kid!

  4. You are great parents. Nice story. A lot of parents don't raise their children this way anymore. (I work with college students and I see the result.)

  5. aww what a sweet and caring little boy you have there.

  6. wow! this brought tears to my eyes. such great parents raising an awesome young man!

    happy birthday, jack!

  7. Jack's picture is adorable. The story is awesome. Lump in my throat.

  8. totally cried reading this! I would be so proud! Congrats on a wonderful kid!

  9. That gave me goosebumps. What a very, very special young man you two are raising!

  10. You have a special little boy. This bought tears to my eyes. It is so very sweet.

  11. Happy birthday Jack! You are soo handsome! A future heartbraker in the works =) And such a kind heart, so sweet to think of your little brother on your birthday.

  12. Okay, I'll admit it... I had tears in my eyes too! Thanks for sharing this story of your sweet little guy. I'm curiuos to know what Max's reaction was! :)

  13. Oh, Sarah... Your Jack DID that? On HIS birthday?

    You must have cried. I know I did.

    What a gift to all of you. What a gift... to see your parenting turn into a sweet hearted little boy.

  14. Wow. If only we could all be that selfLESS.

  15. Oh Sarah! This made me cry!! How sweet your little Jack is =)

  16. What a great kid. That is so special

  17. Oh my word, that made me cry! Clearly you guys are doing a great job parenting. What a beautiful memory!

  18. oh my, oh my, oh my! I am now crying. But, it looks like Iam not the only one... that is just the sweetest thing

  19. oh my goodness, melt my heart. what a sweet boy!

    the picture of jack, awesome!

  20. Seriously?!? Wow. Humbling.

    I would have been impressed if he wanted to SHARE his lego set with Max, but to sacrifice the one he wanted so they could EACH have one. That's just inspiring.