Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Do I have something in my teeth?"

*Oh, man, I had a hard time choosing this time! You all submitted some great titles. The winning title now sitting on top of this post - "Do I have something in my teeth?" - was submitted by Davesgirl. She happens to know my husband quite well - being one of his childhood friends - and her title was perfect for this photo of Jason's little mini-me.

Thanks to all who participated. I always have so much fun reading your entries in these contests! I'll do another one soon.


This week, we made applesauce together. Me and my boys.

Yesterday, I made more. I am currently obsessed with making applesauce. I am filling my freezer with as many quart sized bags of applesauce as it will hold. But, that really has nothing to do with today's post.

After my boys and I finished making our (first batch of) applesauce on Sunday, I left my splattered kitchen a disaster and hurried off to feed Whitman.

When my baby was fed and burped and happily swingin' away, I came back to clean up, and found my oldest boy...

Just. like. this.


This picture tells a story all on its own. Only I can't seem to pin it down in a few words for a title.

SO, today - I thought we'd play another round of [You Pick the Title] and I'll let you all choose the title for this photo.

Leave a funny, profound, silly, serious, whatever-suits-your-fancy title in the comments. If you've got more than one, feel free to leave as many as you'd like. I'll sort through them and pick a winner and post the winning title up top later tonight!

Happy Wednesday, y'all.


  1. "I can't wait for the applesauce to finish cooking. I need it now!!!!!!"

  2. To take full advantage of the antioxidants in apples, it's important to include the skins.

  3. "This floss will clean out more than your teeth!"

  4. Sorry, I just can't get past the t-shirt he happens to be wearing while slurping up that apple skin spaghetti. ROFL!

  5. "Pass the spaghetti sauce, mom."


    Still ROFL!

  6. "Can't quite get enough apple goodness!"
    So cute!

  7. Find me a doorknob, I'm planning a visit from the tooth fairy!

  8. Johnny Appleseed had nothing on Me!

  9. Thing 1 or Thing 2,
    I just might belong in the zoo!

  10. As Jason always used to say,"Do I have something in my teeth?"

    I still crack up when I think of him and Adam saying that with a huge slice of pizza hanging out of their mouths!!!

  11. Thing one rules. Applestring drools

  12. You're back? I was getting long in the tooth.