Thursday, October 21, 2010

Short Shots 365

I love photography.

I love everything about it.

I love to shoot. I love sifting through a camera card's worth of photos and finding the ones where I "got" it.

I love Photoshop - I love editing and tweaking and the more I play around in it, the more I can't wait to get back to it to learn some more.

So, I'm going to take on a little project.

I'm calling it Short Shots 365.

Every day, for the next year, I'm going to post a photo that I've taken. (Did I really just type that? Am I insane?)

Well, maybe.

But, I thought starting a blog three and a half years ago was insane at the time, too. And, it has blessed me and challenged me in more ways than I ever could have predicted as I sat and posted my first entry on Short Stop.

I want to learn more about my camera. I want to learn more about lighting and composition and technique. I want to learn more about Photoshop and post-editing.

And, the best way I can do that is to shoot. Every day.

But, I also want to visually capture this season of my life. Before it's gone. Time - it moves so fast.

There is so much beauty in the chaos of my everyday life as a stay-at-home Mom. While so many of my daily actions are mundane and repetitive and the scenery rarely changes, I'd like to see what a year looks like through the creative eye of my camera lens.

I'll still be blogging in the traditional Short Stop sense - posting recipes and stories (along with photos to illustrate them). But, I want to do Short Shots 365 to stretch myself, to grow as a photographer, and to capture some part of each day during this season of my life.

So, today - I'm launching Short Shots 365. Every day for the next year - a photo of...well, I guess we'll find out together.


  1. I think this is s great idea ! I have recently taken up photography & I LOVE it !!! There is so much to learn. Are you going to have it where you can post & include other people that can do the challenge also ? Its a good way for people to learn together.
    I need to challenge myself to do this.

  2. This is so much fun Sarah!!!! I am so excited to see what you post day to day...also quick question what do you use to edit your photos?

  3. Michelle - There *is* so much to learn, isn't there? I'll just be posting my photos here on Short Stop, but if you decide to do this as well, I'd love for you to come back and give me a link to your site! :)

    Heather - I use Photoshop CS4. I love it!

  4. Great idea! Will you just be posting the pictures or will you be posting any of the camera settings/photo editing tips as well (like you did for your city lights post a while back)? I'd love to learn more photography by studying your pictures and then practicing.

  5. Hi, Tara.

    I'll have to see how it evolves. Can I say, "maybe", for now? That's a good idea, though.

  6. That's a fair enough answer! :) Even if you just do it occasionally--maybe for some trickier shots?

    If there is a picture that is just amazing to us and we can't figure out how to make it happen on our camera, do you mind if we email you or leave a comment and find out more?.....I totally don't want to overburden your already busy days--especially for such a big, yet fun project for you.

  7. Tara - Sure! Feel free to leave a comment or email me with any questions. I'll do my best to answer them on here or in the email! :)

  8. Such a great idea, Sarah! I have been becoming more interested in photography these days myself and now that I have started a blog, photos get me more excited. Looking forward to following your experience.

  9. I started a blog yesterday, not really sure what Ill be writing about but I will be trying my best to post a new pic a day. Im Michelle, the one that commented on this post & I decided to challange myself !

  10. I started doing that this past spring and I've had SO much fun with it!