Friday, November 5, 2010

"It's Here, It's Here!"



  1. i am loving your photos everyday. it is a great reminder to me to take more pic's of the everyday moments. i look forward to seeing what you posted every day.

    are they waiting for the ice cream truck? the mailman?? cute cute picture. i love that jack is wearing his cape :o)

  2. Hi, Kristen,

    It's the garbage truck. It's in the background, but maybe not as visible as I thought? They go running to the door every Friday morning the moment they hear it coming! :)

    (Jack LOVES his cape. It is his most favorite toy!)

  3. This brings back so many memories! What is it about garbage trucks? My brothers and I used to sit on a huge rock at the end of our driveway and wait for the garbage men every Wednesday. They would always wave to us, and run the crusher thing for us. If we were inside, we'd run to the picture window and wave like crazy until they waved back.

    What a great picture!

  4. i see it now... it is visible i just wasn't paying close enough attention.

    so glad the cape is a favorite :o)

  5. My boys do the same thing-every Thursday morning!

  6. My husband still does it, any kind of truck or tractor, and he's 65! Love your daily pictures.