Monday, November 15, 2010

Starbucks Winners!

Hope y'all had a good weekend. We had perfect weather here. Absolutely gorgeous fall weekend.

My brain is not yet at full functioning capacity (*yawn*) so let's just get right on with announcing the winners of the totally awesome deliciousness that is Starbucks *Limited Edition* Peppermint Mocha Ice Cream.

Here are the winners:

54- Darleen
186 - Dee
94 - jen smith
12 - Kelly
163 - Walking in the Rain
73 - Lisa Moore Gee
82 - MB
140 - Erin Snydeman
178 - Melanie
19- Tanya R.

Congratulations, winners! Please email your full name and physical address to me at grshortstop (at) gmail (dot) com so you can get your ice cream!

Thanks to all who entered. If you didn't win and want to get in on some of this goodness, you can now find Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Ice Cream (as well as other yummy flavors) at various stores throughout the USA. Click here to find the store nearest you!


  1. jen, you won!! no fair =) i was really looking forward to some of this stuff! well done everyone!!

  2. aww nellie----- hey if you go to and you can look for that flavor near your mum's house =)

    i miss you xo

  3. Oh.My.Goodness! What a great way to start the week! Thanks!

  4. Congrats to your winners!

    ...sigh... I wish I liked coffee. I have yet to get even a hot chocolate at starbucks (just not somewhere one goes when they don't like coffee) or I would have entered. I guess I could have said my fav drink there was water, but since I never even had that there... LOL

  5. I won!!! woohoo!! thank you!!! i just sent you an email.

  6. I could not be more excited for this!!! THANK YOU!