Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Those Eyes



  1. That little guy is super cute! And, I have to sum up a few comments here....

    1. Nothing sexier than my husband loading the dishwasher. Great title!

    2. Cilantro is a key ingredient in my favorite ever...guacamole so I'm jumping on the loving it bandwagon.

    3. Cute little trick or treaters!

    4. Heinz, Hidden Valley, Coke, Doritos, Glad or Hefty, Reynolds foil, and def LIPTON tea bags. I cannot live without my iced tea made with Lipton. Other, inferior, tea bags need not apply!

    You have such a great blog with awesome pictures and a great writing style!

  2. Oh, my. So, so adorable. First time in awhile I've actually had the thought cross my mind I might want another one. :)

  3. seriously he is so cute. he makes me want another baby :o)

    i think he looks like jack!