Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Five Boys. One Girl. I Don't Have A Chance.



  1. Oh my heavens, no you don't have a chance do you?

    My middle girl is potty training and her older brother left the seat up and the poor thing was sitting on the rim of the potty trying to do her business. It's a wonder she didn't fall right in!

    However, you have made photographing a potty look very pretty!

  2. Oh my! I thought that with 2 boys this was a problem in my house. LOL!!

  3. i am right there with you! we are totally out numbered =) thankfully though my #2 boy still sits on the seat! so it just DH and #1! i guess i'll be potting training #3 real soon!!

  4. An economic analysis of whether the seat should be up or down: https://www.msu.edu/~choijay/etiquette.pdf

  5. LOL!

    Unfortunately, I can relate. But it's only two-to-one in this house, and I get three votes. ;-D

  6. too funny! I was the only girl growing up in a household of boys. And I got to help with Saturday cleaning...ewww.

    Needless to say, thanks to dear husband (and his mom's brilliant foresight), he and our 4 boys all sit to do their business. (our rule: if there's a seat, sit on it...otherwise you may stand.) Makes bathroom cleaning much more tolerable for myself and 7 daughters in training.

    BTW~thanks for all your sharing. I love to peak in on your world from time to time and know there are other moms "in the trenches." God Bless!