Friday, March 18, 2011

7 Months


Baby Whitman.

Stats: 13 pounds, 7 ounces and 25 inches.
Nicknames: Whit. Whit-maaaaaan. Whit-baby. Whitticus. Whitmeister.

Grossed out by peas.
Loves sweet potatoes.
Says "Dada".
Won't say "Momma".
Won't be bribed to say, "Momma".
Won't sleep through the night.
Won't be bribed to sleep through the night.
Will smile at anyone, anytime.
Never wants for attention.
Loves his bear.
Loves his big brothers.

We're all crazy about him around here.

Or, as the boys proudly exclaim to anyone who will listen:

"That's our baby!"


  1. Oh, the preciousness!!!!!! I want to squeeze him. I have a serious hankering to get up there and love on my nephews and niece. Maybe before too long...


  2. SO cute. :0) He looks so happy. :0)

    Just don't over-do the orange veggies like I did with my daughter. eek. She got too much carotene from her favorites, and her skin turned orange-ish! I didn't notice it until someone asked if I had put tanning cream on her! We cut out the oranges foods and thankfully she's white again. LOL

  3. OMGosh Sarah, he's adorable. so is your description of him =)

  4. He is too cute for words...fits right in with the rest of the family.

  5. He very much looks like you here.

  6. Cannot believe he is 7 months old! So sweet!

  7. SERIOUS cuteness!!! Love this!

  8. No way! 7 months? Wow! Such a cutie!