Friday, March 25, 2011

The Best Medicine


He hurts.

He wants Momma.

And, only Momma.

One of the most amazing discoveries of motherhood is realizing that your touch, the softness of your cheek against theirs, the gentle press of your kiss on the hurting face of your child will - instantly - heal them.

It happens mere moments after they're born - when the warmth of your chest is the remedy for anything a new, noisy, light-filled world brings their way.

But, oh the wonder and privilege of being Momma, and realizing that even when your baby grows into a boy...

Your touch is still the best medicine of all.


  1. I hope you frame this one, Sar.

    You are beautiful. And so is your heart.

    Love, Em

    And yes, a momma's kiss... nothing like it.

  2. Oh. So. True.

    Such a great picture! I agree with Em, you need to frame this one.

  3. This is just beautiful.

    My husband is very gentle, but he's more rough than mommy. He tries to be sympathetic when the boys (twins, 22 months old) get hurt and he kisses their wounds, but they cannot be fooled. Only Mommy's touch can heal.

    What a great photo. Definitely a framer :)

  4. ooooooh how this picture tells a story.


    definitely needs a frame...

    love it!