Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Familiar Story


It's a fascinating thing - watching my boys grow up together.

Jack learns.
Max desperately wants to know how.
Lincoln stays with Momma.

Max learns.
Lincoln desperately wants to know how.
Whitman stays with Momma.

In time, the story will repeat itself, again.

Lincoln learns.
Whitman desperately wants to know how.

Until, one day, the story changes.

Whitman learns.
Four little boys ride off together on their bikes.
And, Momma watches from the front porch - without a baby in her arms or a teary, longing-to-learn face pressed against her hip - and she wonders where all of her babies have gone.

It's this cycle - repeated over and over again in just about every area of their lives - that makes me realize that while my hours and days of caring, teaching, listening, playing, praying for and loving on them seem so very long...

The years are swiftly pedaling by.


  1. So true, Sarah. Love this post...

  2. Sigh....this is where we are at now, goes too fast. We are so blessed. Beautiful post.

  3. Zak took Isaac's training wheels today. And his pedals.

    He can't have his pedals back until he can show that he can balance without them.

  4. With my three, the cycle keeps repeating itself through the years. They are never all at the same place. Always one doing, one wanting, one waiting.