Friday, March 4, 2011



The ice cream truck came for the first time today. All three of them chose Firecracker popsicles.

What is it about Firecrackers that make them so appealing to kids? Is it the three colors, the rocket shape, the stickiness, or the way they turn your tongue a bright, neon shade of red?

Whatever it is, my brothers and sisters and I loved them as kids, too. Watching my boys with them takes me right back to those sticky summer days - sitting on a curb, laughing, sticking out our tongues, and not having a care in the world.


  1. I love how your camera picks up that a certain lens?? Rocket pops are awesome, I prefer the eclair!! Remember snow cones?? Lol

  2. @Jo - This photo is almost straight off of the camera - very little editing. My camera is good about picking up bright colors - I used my zoom lens for this one - Sigma 18-250mm. I love it.

    YES - I remember snow cones - and I also LOVED the eclair. I would never choose a popsicle when given the choice. I need chocolate! :)

  3. my boys are the same and almost always choose the same thing. its called a twister and similar to the firecracker. its white and green twisted but the centre is red!