Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guess the Flavors!

*Update: Too many flavors to choose from, right? That's what I'm told. Goes to show you how much I know about Rita's. I had no idea they had so many flavors that rotate!

Though, the Canfield's were pretty close!

Here are our flavors. The banana split was terrible. Jack hardly ate any of it and begged for ours. The iced coffee was amazing and I ate every single bite. The cotton candy was a kid's dream, and the watermelon - YUM!

It wasn't particularly hot yesterday, but on the next really hot day, we're so going back!



We went to Rita's tonight.


[Which means if you're reading this any time before the Rita's near you closes tonight, GET THEE TO RITA'S!]

So, we scored 5 FREE Italian Ices for our little family and had a fun outing to boot. We gave Whit one tiny taste and he was NOT about it. At all.

So tonight, because I'm glued to the tube watching basketball, because I'm sitting on my sofa up to my eyeballs in folded laundry, and because I like these silly contests, I thought we'd play a little game:

What flavors did we order?

Can you tell? Any guesses? (The two at the top are the same and sold out minutes after we got there.)

This was only my second trip to Rita's - ever. But, when I polled my Facebook friends about what they like to order before going last summer, I got about 50 responses. So, I know some of y'all are experts on Miss Rita's offerings.

I'll post the answers at the top of this post sometime tomorrow.

AND, tomorrow morning, I'll post the 10 winners of The {NEW! Large Trim} Jesus Storybook Bible Giveaway!

Happy {ugh, DUKE!} March Madness, everybody.


  1. I'd say :
    the blues are cotton candy-gross, in my opinion.
    the pink is watermelon-okay
    the orange is mango-delicious!
    the other orangish brown is peach-?

  2. Oh, I love Rita's! I didn't even know you had Rita's in North Carolina. I'm pretty sure the company is based in Philly (I live in the Philly area) and we have tons of Italian ice spots here, not just Rita's. Rita's is the most commercial-and it's good, but there are others. My favorite flavor is the lemon ice and I also like the chocolate and vanilla twist custard.

    It looks like you may have some blue raspberry, either chocolate or root beer and maybe pink grapefruit? It's tough, they have so many flavors!

    Mango is their top seller, but I like to keep it old school with my lemon ice.

    I didn't do the free ice thing today. The lines are way too long and it's not exactly warm here today :)