Friday, March 11, 2011

Guess What We Got?


The boys got a present today.

Their Aunt Lauren is here visiting for the weekend. And, she didn't come empty handed.

THEY FREAKED when they opened the present she brought for them. It was truly the perfect gift for my boys.

She is now the coolest person in the house.


They will be up with the chickens tomorrow morning. {sigh}

Anyone wanna take a guess at what they got?

Hint: Before opening Aunt Lauren's gift, they were riding spatulas around the house casting spells on everything in sight.

*I'll post the answer here tomorrow night. I'll hide the comments til then.

*Edited to add: Several of you got it right - my boys have been LOVING their new Harry Potter LEGO Wii game - a really thoughtful and fun gift from their Aunt Lauren. They just saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for the first time two weeks ago, and ever since then, our house has been turned into Hogwarts.

They are having so much fun.


  1. Harry Potter for the Wii

  2. I say a harry potter wii game... ;)

  3. OH, their faces say it all.

    Legos book?

    Star wars book?

    Ooooo... SPATULA book.

    Love the line about casting spells with spatulas. :)

  4. the only thing spell wise i know is harry potter...but i have no clue as to what they got that come in a flat folder. possibly a HP game for the Wii or something?
    btw, chopsticks make great wands!!

  5. It looks like it may be a Kindle, but I know that not all of your boys can read. I love my Kindle!

    If it's not a Kindle, is it a video game of some sort?

  6. My guess is a Wii Game - maybe Toy Story? My kids love it.

  7. LEGO Harry Potter for the Wii?

  8. How about a Chronicles of Narnia DVD?