Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Look What I Got! {Mmm...}


I'm really proud of this little boy!

We all cheered and celebrated and had a lollipop party and I'm hoping (and praying and pleading with God) that this process will go smoothly and very, very quickly.

I'm a total potty training wimp.

I seriously dread this part of motherhood.


  1. Ugh, me too!!! Good luck! ;) bribery is your friend! Lol

  2. Try Good luck!

  3. I agree with you. I have 5 kids that are all in school now and I still say that getting them potty trained was the hardest part of raising them.

  4. I was dreading the potty training too! However, Ethan was sooo much fun he really wanted to learn. I think it really helped that when he went to daycare all the other kids were doing it too. We only had a few accidents. He turned 3 in November and now he goes to the bathroom all by himself! I was so excited....I think the M&Ms might have helped too ;)

  5. It should be a piece of cake now that you're in sunny NC... just let him run around naked in the back yard. Let him "mark his territory," he'll be potty trained in 10 minutes : )

  6. My least favorite part too! All of my kids didn't mind being wet or dirty in a diaper (for the most part) so all of mine have been late potty trainers. :)