Tuesday, March 8, 2011

School Assignment: Three Things I Like To Do.


I can exercise.
We can take a bike ride.
My family can play Wii.

I am so proud of this boy - my little Kindergartner. So proud.

He has gone from hardly being able to write his name without significant amounts of help at the beginning of this year (and in ALL CAPS), to now writing sentences he's sounding out all on his own. These papers he brings home are absolute treasures to me. (And, I'm saving a handful of them!)

He was very adamant about explaining the last sentence in this assignment. When he showed us his paper, he said, "See that 'we'? That is the school 'we'. They don't say 'W-i-i' at school."

I love the way his little mind works.


  1. I love it Sarah....Keegan too has made huge progress this year, writing his name and letters. I love watching them grow and figure things out. Keegan is still in preschool since he won't be 6 till Aug. It was the best choice I've ever made.

  2. I just love, love, love that comment about the "school we". How precious.

  3. *so sweet*. Love the "we" part.

  4. Aaah! Just thinking about my own box of special momentos of my sons' writings and drawings and art etc etc and thinking what a huge collection you are going to have with 4 boys! Precious things to keep.

  5. How precious! A keeper for sure. I too have kept both my kids papers special papers, writings, drawings, and art work.