Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two More Weeks


He is excited about:

-the uniform
-the snacks
-the uniform
-his Dad watching him
-Max being on his team
-the uniform
-running the bases
-playing on the "real" ball field
-the uniform

It will be his first season of t-ball.

He thinks it's the majors.

And, I absolutely love that.


  1. As a baseball fan, and a mom, this really warms my heart! So cute!

  2. Sarah, watching our own kids participate in sports has brought out a Mama-Bear-Love like none other. You feel every joy and disappointment like you are out there in the field with them. Cheering them on, comforting them after a loss, and giving that thumbs up from bleachers has been one of our favorite things about parenting! Enjoy this time...and go get 'em, boys!

  3. You know we are die hard football fans... I didn't become a baseball fan till my lil slugger started playing. He truly LOVES the sport and I love watching him enjoy it. The grin is priceless.

    Enjoy every minute!