Saturday, April 16, 2011



Kechr = catcher.
pichr = pitcher.
frst bes = first base.
scit des = second base.
thrd des = third base.
at feodr = outfielder.
batr at = batter out.
spectators at the bottom = Momma and Whit.

I remember visiting our dear friends, Dan and Emily, and marveling that their front door, basement door, entryway, bedroom doors, refrigerator, walls, and even the mantle in their family room were all covered with handwritten notes and illustrations by their 6 year-old daughter.

The most memorable one hung on their daughter's bedroom door and said something like, "Ceep Out!"

I remember Emily translating them for me as I pointed them out here and there. I remember laughing. Oh, how we both laughed.

I also remember, quite naively, not understanding why the entire house was covered in misspelled, marker-written, taped on notes. I was not yet the mother of a six year-old who was unabashedly proud of his/her work.

My house is now a gallery of portraits, still lifes, canvases, and sketches. With misspelled words and backwards letters. That have been carefully clipped and taped here and there by their creator. And, that have to be translated to anyone else that comes into our home.

My gallery - just like my friend, Emily's - is filled with priceless treasures.

And I feel so much joy and pride as I go through my days surrounded by the creative works of my little artist.


  1. I have a six year old daughter. I know exactly what you mean. Here is one of my favorites:

  2. Pictures are Mommy Paychecks, aren't they?

    What a sweet post, Sarah. You don't need to be an art therapist to see what makes these little ones happy. :) I esp. liked the spectators... shows that they know you're there.

  3. I just recently posted a picture made by Alicia as a little girl. Trust me, those drawing become more endearing over the years. Don't dump them. Tuck them away for 20 years from now when you can laugh and cry at the precious memories they bring.