Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Was Not Prepared. Oh, SWEET HEAVENS, I Was Not Prepared!

Jack: Mom, I have a crush.

Me {trying to stifle the coughing, gagging, GASPING!}: You do? Who do you have a crush on?

Jack: Avery.

Me {attempting to hide my shock that he actually uttered a name}: Well, what does it mean to have a crush?

Jack: It means you're in love.


Me: What does it mean to be in love?

Jack: It means you want to get married.


I didn't know what to say. That doesn't happen very often. Me - with nothing. But, I was speechless.

He's in KINDERGARTEN! And, besides talking to him on occasion about Mom and Dad being in love and being married, we've never talked about crushes and other such NON-KINDERGARTEN TOPICS LIKE MATRIMONY.

I mean, I thought I had a few years before we entered this territory.

Girls? Crushes? IN LOVE? MARRIAGE??

I changed the subject to Legos and his latest drawing.


Thinking we were finished with the girls/crushes/in love/marriage verbiage, I breathed a sigh of relief.


Five minutes later:

Jack: Mom, I DO NOT trust girls.

(Well, Praise the good Lord Jesus, he's come to his senses.)

Me: Why not, baby?

Jack: Because they make up stories. You can only trust college girls.

OH SWEET MERCY, where did that come from? And, college girls? Oh, honey - they are among the WORST!

I told my husband. I wanted his sympathy and understanding. Or at least a cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and a Bojangles biscuit with butter and jelly.

He looked up at me from his computer, smiled a sly smile, and shrugged his shoulders: "Eh, at least he likes girls."

If you need me, I'll be in the corner, curled up in the fetal position wondering how on earth I'm going to raise four boys under these conditions.


  1. It's just the beginning sweet Sarah, just the beginning. Someday you will remember little man Jack and this day when you watch him walk down that aisle and you gain a daughter. It's all good.

  2. Ah Sarah, Jason's comment totally cracked me up! :-)
    Last year my son came home from K and told me he proposed to a girl. She said no. And he then told her,"Well,maybe we should wait to decide till we're older."

  3. Homeschool mommy for life here!

  4. i agree tammy!! i do have to say though that that is hilarious sarah!!! micah is at the i hate all mushy stuff stage!!

  5. Oh boy! It's starting!
    It'll be ok though. When he really starts dating, I know you will be right there with your camera to capture the proms and corsages!

  6. I was going to say what Ginger said "This is just the beginning"!!! I just laughed and laughed though especially about college girls!

  7. Oh Sarah, thank you for this I needed a laugh today. Absolutly priceless!

    Alisha Owens

  8. Too funny! Josh got a picture in kindergarten that a girl drew of him and her (she had on a veil!). I'm happy to say that he's in 3rd grade and we haven't married him off yet;) Here's the positive side...he talked to you about it. Keep the conversation going! What a great opportunity to talk about caring for girls, respecting girls, even at this young age!
    (plus, I love your hubby's response!)

  9. Sarah... I can PICTURE you saying this. And smirking. And holding back a smile.

    My, I enjoyed this story.

    Jason's right, of course.:)

  10. Oh, Sarah, by second grade he will think girls have cooties....which will last until about grade 7 or 8. There is nothing in the world like kindergarten love affairs.

  11. I got married in the middle of the ABC-123 circle in kindergarten free play time. My bethrothed was Jeff Jacobs, middle son of a solid church-going family. The pastor that performed the ceremony was Kevin Obermeier, who's mother had roomed with my mom in the hospital as Kevin and I were born one day apart. The ring was "borrowed" from my mom's party jewelry box {huge trouble after school!!!!}. And the next day Jeff dropped me for Robin Taylor, who had short dark hair to my long blonde hair. And she was my best friend. The end.

  12. Truly hilarious! And Jason's response is priceless. :-)

  13. Love it! The interesting thing was, as soon as I read Jack's comment, I had the same reaction (not to mention the same words) as Jason. :)