Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Merlin. (Also known as: Maryland)

Earlier this week, Max looked up at me from his cereal bowl and threw me a zinger:

"Mom, are you going to cry when I'm seventeen and I go to college?"

(COLLEGE? SEVENTEEN? His brother's talkin' crushes and girls, and now he's off to college.)

(Lord have mercy, these children are gonna do me in.)

"Oh, Max - I'm sure I will. I don't like it when I'm away from you."

(I started to get a bit emotional.)

(BECAUSE the thought of my barely five year-old boy walking out that door and heading to a dorm room is JUST A WEE BIT UPSETTING, NOW PASS THE BON-BONS PLEASE AND THANK YOU.)

"Well, Mom. You can come see my basketball games."

"You're gonna play basketball, huh?"

"Yep. For Maryland."

The good Lord has heard my prayer.

Now, to keep his Aunt Anna from corrupting him with her Tar Heel blue allegiances.




  1. When he is a famous basketball player, I'll be able to say I met him when he was 3!
    This is a cute picture of him!

  2. I'm thinking Michigan has some good schools and we could be his family away from home ;-)

    Thankfully you have many years before you cross these bridges my friend. You know who to call when you send that first boy off to college. This momma has a good shoulder that will be all yours.

  3. Go heels!

    Sorry, friend but that would be AWESOME!