Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I took my little buddies shopping today.

I'm faced with the ever impossible task of keeping my 6 year-old clothed in something other than highwaters and midriff bearing t-shirts. He insists on growing - despite my threats and useless attempts at bribery.

Why won't he stay little? {{deep breath}}

SO, after dropping Jack off at school, and armed with my 20% off coupon at Old Navy, I headed out with my three youngest to do a little shopping for my growing boy.

I was happily surprised to find that ALL of the clearance items at Old Navy were an additional 50% off. SCORE! So, I picked up some things for Jack, my husband, and a few {ahem} things for me.

As we were walking around the store, me with piles of clothes draped over the stroller, and Lincoln and Max wanting to do ANYTHING but stay next to me, Lincoln spotted something he'd desperately wanted from Old Navy before:

A lunchbox. A Tootsie Roll lunchbox.

He made a mad dash for it. You see, this boy LOVES containers. Any and ALL containers: old playdough cans, suitcases, tackle boxes, tupperware, pots w/ lids. Anything that will hold anything - and Lincoln is all about it.

So, when he saw the lunchbox, he asked me, "Tan I pwease have it, Momma? Pweeeease?"

I took a gander at it, at his puppy dog eyes looking up at me, and finally gave in.

I smiled, and told him, "Yes", and he skipped all the way to the register.

I might not have let him get it. I'd said no to it before. And, we don't just buy things to buy things. Or because we "weally, weally, weally" want them at the moment.

But, today, I was hopeless against this face holding that Tootsie Roll lunchbox.


And, the price?

Well, it was an additional 50% off, and I did have an extra 20% off coupon.

How could I say no?



  1. oh that face.
    how could you ever say no?!

  2. yes!

    i love that lunch box... darling.

    the boy holding the lunch box even more darling!!!

  3. I loved this post...took me way back to my Roy Rodgers lunch box days and how happy I was to get mine! This picture of your son is adorable. You are making priceless memories with your precious family. Thank you for sharing.