Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big Boy!

He's my fourth baby.

But, these firsts - these mini triumphs and the toothless, gummy smile that imminently follows - are just as precious as they were with my first.

And, second.

And, third.

My heart is bursting with pride tonight for my not-so-big, but oh-so-very BIG BOY!



  1. Wow! My 1 yr old just started pulling up about a month ago. Whitman is definitely not letting his small stature slow him down!

  2. I love your simple posts with sweet pics of your kids and house. And the simple words that make me smile and totally agree:)

    My 4th baby just turned 1! And his firsts are soo exciting, too!! Just as new to me as my first baby:) It's soo sweet and precious.

    He's adorable;) And the toothless grin is too much!

  3. I feel like I saw a picture of Jack at one point and Whitman looks a ton like him... ;)