Thursday, May 26, 2011

If They Only Knew

I remember with so much fondness when my Dad could make it to my basketball games.

He'd watch from the bleachers, a star basketball player himself, cheering on his way-smaller-than-all-the-other-players little girl.

"Hustle, Sarah Grace", he'd yell through cupped hands - his favorite megaphone.

"Block out."
"Pass the ball."
"Atta girl."

It meant the world to me to have him there. Active. Interested. Passionate.

I felt so loved. And, so proud that he was my Dad.

I now sit on the sidelines - just as my Dad did - cheering on my two little buddies in their first season of t-ball.

I yell. And, scream. And, clap. And, cheer. And, make a sure fool out of myself with all the ruckus I make.

But, those are my boys. And, I remember - oh, how I remember - how it felt to look up into the bleachers and see my Dad cheering for me.

What I didn't know - was that the love and pride I felt as a young child looking up at my Dad was merely a drop in the bucket compared to the love and pride he felt looking down at me.

A simple glance and smile from one of my boys during the game, and I know how important it is to them that I am there. Active. Interested. Passionate.

Oh, but if they only knew the depth of pride and joy I feel at being their Mom - cheering on my #2 and my #13.

And, how precious and important it is to me that I'm there, too.



  1. You are so right! I've just come from Cheri's son Nick's graduation. Even these Seniors smile when they see their family there to support them!
    PS - love that last shot!

  2. i think that that is one of the best pictures you've taken...
    seriously sarah.

    your mama heart so inspires mine. i can just see you cheering on your boys!

  3. I don't know why, but this made me cry. Just beautiful.

    As is fitting, my word verification is "roarr."

  4. This is so sweet. And so true. I love watching all of my kids play sports and I hope they know it. It is so great.