Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Last weekend, my dear friend, Jessica, and her husband, Josh - along with their six month old baby girl, Caroline, came to visit us.

They're road-tripping through the South, and sampling Southern food and culture along the way. We went strawberry picking and went to the coast and we ate and ate and ate and ATE. We took them to Bojangles (HOLLA!) and we sat around our kitchen table and ate North Carolina Barbecue.

Jessica asked me if I'd take some photos of their family while they were here and I immediately said "Yes!"

I learned something about my photography last weekend. I loved just being the photographer - and not having to be Mom at the same time. Most of the time, I'm grabbing my camera and just trying to catch a quick snapshot of my kids - while I'm also trying to referee squabbles, wipe off milk moustaches, and well, - be the Mom.

I loved just being the photographer. While Jason watched our kids. And, I could focus solely on doing what I love. WOW. What a difference it made in really being able to just focus on my skills. I felt like I did some of my best photography work.

I loved it.

And, I love this baby girl.


Do you think Caroline knows she's loved?


Josh and Jessica are totally enamored with her, and it shows. Oh boy, does it show.



One of my favorites:


Jessica is so in love with Caroline. And, I think Caroline's pretty crazy about her Momma.


This one says it all.


SO happy for my friends and the sweet little angel God's given them!


  1. Sarah-

    First, your friends and their baby are so photogenic. And you captured their smitten-ness perfectly. I can see why they're so enamored, as you put it. :)

    Secondly, you have so many gifts. Great job on the photo shoot. You capture the spirit of things.

    So many gifts, girl!


  2. amazing work sarah!

    oh there are some fantastic pictures for jessica to choose from... they are such a darling family!

    you are so talented my friend!

  3. AMAZING pics. My favorite is of Caroline standing with her momma & daddy's legs. Love that family.

  4. Fabulous!!! What fun that the Browns came to visit you. A photo shoot like that might be worth a trip to NC....oh, and because we love you. ;o)

    Seriously, great work!