Monday, May 30, 2011

Sprinkler Face (Again!)


It is hot as blazes down here. Holy smokes. We had the most glorious spring - that started about mid-February and culminated with the entire month of May in the 80's.

Until yesterday.

HELLO, NINETIES. Like upper nineties. And sticky. Heaven help me, I swore this body would never see a bikini, again, but if ANYTHING is EVER gonna motivate me to whip this body into shape it will be this heat. Because flabby arms, muffin top, dimpled thighs, cankle remains, baby belly pudding, and A WHOLE PLETHORA OF OTHER ISSUES ASIDE, I would like to wear as little as possible until, oh about October, thankyouverymuch and have a nice day.

(Now that we have that settled.)

(Meaning after a review of the issues mentioned above, this body will indeed never play mannequin to a bikini, again. Ever.)

All that to say, it's hot down here. (Is it hot where you are?) So our sprinkler has been working overtime, and our boys have been slip n' sliding and face planting into sprinkler fountains and chug-a-lug-lugging ice water by the gallon.

So when I went to title today's photo, the first thing that came to mind was, "Sprinker Face". And, I immediately got this strong feeling of deja vu.

Phil: Do you ever have deja vu, Mrs. Lancaster.
Mrs L: I don't think so, but I could check with the kitchen.

10 points for the first one to name that movie.

Anyway. Deja vu. So, I went to title this photo. And, had crazy strong deja vu.

Sprinkler Face? Sprinkler Face? WHY does this sound so familiar?

And, then I remembered.

SPRINKLER FACE! Oh my gosh, SPRINKLER FACE! Like one of my most FAVORITE memories ever with Jack and Max.

Long time readers, before you click over, do you remember Sprinkler Face?

No? Well here it is!


  1. Seeing pictures of your boys running through the sprinklers brings back so many memories! ;)

    oh and groundhogs day! such a good movie!

  2. I didn't remember till I looked! I loved it then, I love it now - and todays version is also wonderful!

  3. Ground Hog Day!! Great photo =) we don't have sprinklers over here =( so much fun though!!

  4. great photos. I totally know what you mean about the deja vu... sometimes i will be clicking a picture and my mind instantly travels back in time to another face in a similar situation... happens alot now that i have my second son 6 yrs removed from his big brother.

    we too are enjoying the heat and the water!