Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Airport Days

I took the kids to the observation area at the airport today. It was a beautiful day and perfect for watching planes take off and land.

There is something about airplanes and little boys. I don't know if it's the sounds airplanes make that fill up the sky or just the magic and wonder of flying that captures them so, but all of my little boys love airplanes. And, all of them love going to the airport.



They point and stare at the planes taking off until they can't see them anymore. I'll hear them talking. Can you still see it, Lincoln? It's just a dot now with smoke behind it. Do you see it?


They are mesmerized. Awe-struck. I could learn from their wonder if I'd slow down a little.


But, to my boys, the airport is so much more than airplanes zooming through the sky. It's much, much more than that.

Sometimes it's saying goodbye. We make our goodbyes brief and try to quickly move on to whatever fun things we have planned. It's hard - for all of us. But, we've learned that it's what we have to do and we just get on with it.

But, then - there are days like today.

When going to the airport means Daddy is home.

And, takeoffs and landings and observation decks don't hold a candle to finally just being with him, again.


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  1. Andy loved going to the airport, or anything else that had anything to do with planes. Good memories!
    I love the end of this post, with Jason coming home. :)