Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Gift

I am smitten with my niece, Clara.

She is my sister's baby.

My sister - my best friend on earth who knows all of my secrets, shares all of my childhood memories, and who, with one knowing glance, can reduce me to tears as we remember a past hurt or send me doubled over on the sofa in laughter so deep that I can hardly breathe.

As God's special gift of grace in my life, I get to raise my children alongside my sister.

I never thought it could happen - the two of us living in the same town, the same neighborhood, doing life together.

Tonight, as I held baby Clara, I squeezed her and looked over at my sister talking with one of my boys.

Her with one of mine. Me with one of hers. On an ordinary weeknight. In the middle of June.

A gift. It's absolutely a gift.



  1. This one gets me *right here*... (pretend stab to heart)


  2. I so love that you and your sister and all the cousins can share everyday life and not just special visits.

  3. woah! Same neighborhood? I didn't know that - how wonderful. i'd be so excited to live so close to my sisters.

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